Buchertech’s Dean Brummet Uses IT Skills to Help Others

Dean-BrummetBuchertech is a company that has been serving the Northwest Indiana community from its office in Valparaiso for nearly 17 years now, providing businesses large and small with solutions for their technology needs. For companies that don’t have their own IT staff, Buchertech steps up to handle any IT services they might need, which is why one of their slogans is “We’re Your Computer Department.”

When it comes to fulfilling their mission of treating customers the way they would like to be treated, Buchertech’s employees are on the front lines of maintaining those standards.

Dean Brummet is one such employee. With over ten years of experience in enterprise IT environments, he is passionate about technology and working through tasks for his customers. In the past, he has also worked for other successful and well-known companies in the industry like HP and Xerox, which made good use of his skill set.

Brummet has a Bachelor’s Degree from Westwood College in Network Management, and graduated from Merrillville High School in 2002.

As for why he chose Buchertech, Brummet said it was an easy choice.

“It’s a friendly work culture here. My co-workers are very knowledgeable and are invaluable when I have questions,” said Brummet. “They are from all different types of IT backgrounds and I have not had that in my previous workplaces.”

It also brings him joy because of the fulfillment he gets out of putting the skills he’s built over the years to good use for the community and for family and friends.

“The ability to learn new technologies and the experience of implementing them is a source of value for me in this career,” said Brummet, “Also, being able to correctly identify the source of an issue and fix it is rewarding.”

When he isn’t working through technical issues at work, he can be found playing a cornucopia of different board games and card games.

“In my spare time, I like playing tabletop games with my wife and friends,” said Brummet. “It’s a lot of fun.”

All in all though, what really brings Brummet to Buchertech and the field of IT is that he likes using his skills to help the people around him.

“It’s rewarding being able to provide support for my family and friends when they need it,” said Brummet, “And I can use my knowledge to help out.”