Buchertech’s Louie Sustaita is Aiming For Success

Buchertech’s Louie Sustaita is Aiming For Success

Louie Sustaita, Inside Sales & Marketing Representative and newest member of Buchertech believes in the challenge of moving forwards, blazing trails and discovering his next passion.

Born in East Chicago, he spent his younger days going to school in Kentucky and eventually his last days in high school attending Valparaiso High School.

"After spending time at VHS I ended up attending Indiana State University for business management and later on Purdue University for Organization Leadership and Supervision," says Sustaita. "I had previous experience working in real estate, a distribution company, and a car dealership. Before coming to Buchertech I had a lot of experience in both sales and marketing."

Sustaita was lead to Buchertech through our own website, ValpoLife where after seeing an opening for his current position, left his home in Southern Indiana and came to interview with Buchertech President Tim Bucher.

"I really liked speaking with Tim," says Sustaita. "I had know of his previous work due to the numerous amount of things he did for and within the community. During my youth, I was very involved in community projects and working for someone else so involved meant a lot to me."

Sustaita's community work during his youth played a large role in his current outlook on both his career and personal life.

"When I was younger I was very involved with political campaigns and the community. I loved and still love meeting new people and noticed at the time that not a lot of people were involved in the politics of their town. I know that my vote matters when I was involved it wasn't to meet the candidate but rather to meet those who would run and make an impact on my city."

Sustaita has ambitious plans for his future at Buchertech and in the Valparaiso community. He feels that both Buchertech and Valparaiso are the perfect places for building a successful future.

"I plan on getting involved with both Buchertech and the community as much as possible," says Sustaita. "I like the environment of Valpo, it has a very different feel from a college town like Bloomington. I'm ready for the next step. I'm working with Tim most of the time and I enjoy learning and absorbing the amount of knowledge he has."

In his spare time, Sustaita enjoys spending time outdoors including fishing and taking walks along with discovering new coffee shops and meeting new people. While he appreciates the quieter, more enjoyable moments in life, his plan to continually grow within Buchertech is always on his mind.

"I'm the youngest one here right now and I'd love to see myself in a management position down the road. It's possible because I have a lot of time here so I plan on learning and growing."