Calling all Valpo Neighborhood and Community Groups

By: City of Valparaiso Last Updated: November 16, 2010

Behind every healthy neighborhood is a group of citizens who have stepped up to the challenge of providing leadership and organization in their area. Neighborhood and community groups are the backbone of any thriving community. city-of-valparaiso

The neighborhood liaison of Valparaiso, Christine Hisick, would like to introduce herself to the established neighborhood and community groups in the city, and to begin building positive working relationships with each of them.

A neighborhood or community group can be a neighborhood watch group, a neighborhood or homeowner’s association, a community garden or even an annual block party congregation.

The city’s neighborhood liaison exists in part to serve these groups by being a communication conduit for them to the city government, administration and department heads, and by helping them to cultivate more participation and leadership in their neighborhoods.

The neighborhood liaison requests that a representative from each group contact her so that she may begin the relationship-building process, provide a means for mutual communication and offer her assistance where needed. Hisick can be reached at city hall, (219) 462-1161 x.3337 or by email at