Calumet College of St. Joseph is Breaking Down Barriers in Northwest Indiana’s Backyard

Calumet College of St. Joseph is Breaking Down Barriers in Northwest Indiana’s Backyard

Calumet College of St. Joseph, located in Whiting, Indiana, is unique, family-oriented and may have more to offer than some of the bigger universities. With 20 different sports, around 20 different clubs offered, including many different charitable organizations, and a wide variety of career-oriented majors to choose from, Calumet College could be the university you’ve been looking for.

“We offer a professional education in a liberal arts context. Our strong programs are our professional programs, such as criminal justice, education and our fastest growing area which is science. Even our humanities classes, such as English and our arts courses are aimed at ensuring you can get a job when you leave here,” said Dr. Ginger Rodriguez, Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Offering opportunities to all students, the college offers a wide variety of full-time and part-time study options as well as day and night classes that meet once or twice a week, breaking down the barriers that keep students, with full-time jobs or families, from coming back to school.

With the undergraduate program enrollment consisting of around 500 students and about another 500 students in graduate and accelerated programs totaling around 1000 students, classes are fairly small. Classes range from 20 – 30 students per class, which guarantees a more personal relationship between students and faculty as well as a better learning experience.

“What that means is that we know all of our students, our faculty knows them and I know them, which means we’re able to individualize any assistance they might need to be successful,” stated Rodriguez.

With the lowest tuition rate for any private school in Indiana, CCSJ not only offers state and federal financial aid, but also institutional aid as well. If a student's financial aid application shows that his or her family cannot make any contribution, the college offers special programs to help make school affordable. Another advantage that Calumet College has is that if students stay on track to graduation, their tuition will not increase.

Around half of all students that attend are enrolled into the various different sports that CCSJ has to offer. In addition to the copious amount of athletic programs offered, some of the clubs that Calumet College offers seem to go in a different direction than at major universities.

“We’re particularly big on initiatives that help others. One very popular club, the GIVE organization, which stands for Get Involved, Value Everyone, consists of students who work very hard on a food pantry here on campus and a closet that distributes donated clothes and food items,” added Rodriguez.

Calumet College of St. Joseph not only takes great strides to help those in need, whether it be food or clothing or financial assistance to those wishing to further their education, but they want to see each and every student succeed as well.

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