Calvary Link: 1947

Calvary-God-SongsCalvary Church began its first worship services in August 1947 at Memorial Opera House in Valparaiso. A lot has changed since 1947 in our church, in Valparaiso, and in the world. And yet, all the important things have remained the same at Calvary Church. We preach from the same book, we proclaim the same gospel, and we praise the same God.

This is what I mean when I use expressions like "rooted and relevant." The church’s story is 2,000 years old, but it is for us and it is for our children. And so we must continue to do old things like preach God’s Word, worship, and meet together for encouragement and growth. And we should also do new things like sing new songs (Psalm 33), build a new Life Change Center, add to new space to our main campus. And give our logo a new feel.

Calvary-New-Logo-2017Here is our new logo. Actually its kind of old and new. We want to stay rooted, holding firmly to the ancient practices that have always expressed our faith, and we want to stay relevant to our culture and community. You can see the cross at the center of it all and the C (for Calvary Church) wrapping around the cross but not quite closing. We want our church to be open both for people to come in and for gospel to go out. And if you look closely you may notice that the design is a nod to our stained glass window.

Together we are changing lives in 2017. I love being your pastor and pray for God to give us many more years together. See you Sunday. I'm working on Psalm 37!

Life Groups Launch
One way we make our big church feel small and connected is Life Groups. We think that when people “do life” together, they build relationships of trust and encouragement. New Life Groups launch on Sunday 9.17 at 1p in the TJ Middle School cafeteria. Childcare is provided. Join us for lunch, meet some new people, and get connected to the community at Calvary. An RSVP is required.

Thursday 9.14

Worship moves us beyond ourselves to focus on God. Join us as we gather for Doxology: A Night of Worship for the whole church. This night of song and prayer turns our hearts toward praise of the One who loves us.

Short-Term Missions Trips
Sunday 9.24 at 11:15a

Thinking about going on a short-term mission trip? Find out about the trips we've got planned for 2018! There are opportunities for men, women, students, and medical professionals.

House Tour
Thursday 9.7 at 7p

We're extending the house tour into fall! Join Calvary Men for an evening of food, drink, and relaxing. Get the house address.

Monthly Gathering
Friday 9.8 at 7p

Calvary goers between the ages of 21 and 35 are welcome to an evening of conversation and community-building. Grow in your faith while getting to know one another.

Hurricane Harvey Teams
Sign up by Friday 9.15

Want to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey? Contact Victoria Evans-Peasley about joining one of our serve teams headed south.

Kids Hope
Give hope to a child this school year! Be a mentor to a student at TJ Elementary School. Visit our Local Outreach page to learn how you can make a difference for a child.

Launch & Parent Gathering
We’re launching into the best year yet for Calvary Students! Launch Night is this Sunday 9.10 at 4p for middle school and at 6:30p for high school. Parents, join the CS staff team for a Parent Gathering tonight at 6p.

Starting Point for Kids
Kids preparing for baptism or wanting to learn more about their faith are ready for Starting Point for Kids. Meets 4 Sundays in October beginning 10.1. Register before 9.22; class fills up quickly.