Calvary Link: Generosity

Calvary-FollowWe worship a generous God! Right now our dedicated staff is preparing giving statements to go into the mail ahead of the January 31 federal deadline. That probably sounds boring, but we are excited to hear that our church’s generosity increased 7.7% in 2017! Yes, we’re thrilled that we can keep doing all the outreach and ministry we committed to do, but even more than that, we celebrate that number because of what it represents about all of you. The increase in generosity tells us that you realize God has blessed you and you are responding in generous worship. I love that!

We never take your giving for granted and work hard to account for every dollar. That’s why we not only send you a personal giving statement but a report of the church’s growth and giving as well. You deserve to know how your gifts help change lives now and into the future. The report is very simple, but we are available to answer any questions you might have. Just let our staff know.

If you are not giving, join us in 2018! How much should you give? I always say this: pray, chose a percentage of your income, keep your commitment, and grow it each year. If you cannot give 10-percent of your income, make a goal to grow to 10-percent over time. And let me say this, you do not want to miss out on being part of something really awesome or miss the blessing of generosity. God will bless your giving. I've seen it in my own life. Join with our staff in giving with joy and anticipation in 2018. Let's make it an even better year!

Following Christ with you.

Life Group Launch
Because of 1 Peter and the Follow series, we’re talking a lot about relationships lately at Calvary. It turns out that relationships and how we treat other people have a lot to do with following Christ and living the good life. (Check out Pastor Lionel talking about “the good life” last Sunday here.)

One of the ways that we connect to one another and make our big church feel smaller is Life Groups. In a Group, you get the chance to build authentic relationships and grow in your faith while you “do life” with other people from Calvary. Life Groups launch twice a year and the winter launch is this Sunday 1.28 at 1p at the TJ Middle School cafeteria. Lunch and childcare are provided. Come join us!

An RSVP is required by Thursday 1.25 for Life Group Launch.

Membership Sessions
Begin SUNDAY 2.4 at 11:15a
Whether you’re considering membership at Calvary or want to learn more about what it means to be a Christ-follower, Starting Point is a great beginning to the journey. Starting Point is 3 one-hour Sunday-morning sessions in February. An RSVP is appreciated: Yes, I’m coming!

In the Mail
Your 2017 giving statements are on the way! We’re committed to transparency so enclosed in the envelope will be facts about our budget and growth. Plus we’re sending you the 2017 In Review book. It’s full of ministry stories and exciting developments our church family can celebrate together.

Winter Events
The Men’s Winter Forum continues through February at the Life Change Center on Thursday nights at 7p. For February only, the men’s monthly gathering is on a Wednesday. Join the guys at Hunter’s Brewing in Chesterton on 2.7 at 7p.

Winter Events
There are 2 great events where women can connect and worship God together. The Pursuit worship night is Tuesday 1.30 at 7p, and BridgePoint Church is hosting an IF:Gathering simulcast Friday and Saturday 2.9-2.10.

2018 Mission Trips
Applications are being accepted now for the adults mission trip to Kenya, the women’s trip to Guatemala, and the trip for medical professionals to Haiti. Visit our mission trips webpage for more info.

MOPS Childcare Worker
We’re hiring! MOPPETS workers care for young children 2 Friday mornings a month during the Mothers of Preschoolers event. Get job details and an application on our job openings webpage.