Calvary Link: Let’s Do Life Together

Calvary-Link-Set-FreeI was “suffering” for the Lord in Southern California last weekend, but when I listened to the sermon online, I got excited. Pastor Lionel spoke from Galatians 6 about Calvary being a place that restores people. It’s not about getting people to stop sinning and be better, it’s about helping them become more like Christ, which allows them to live life just like God created it to be lived! Helping one another is part of Christians “doing life” together. In fact, Life Groups will be meeting this week to talk about exactly what it looks like for them to do life the way it’s described in Galatians 5 and 6. It’s an amazing idea: we aren’t just here to worship together; we’re here to help encourage one another to practice living out the gospel!

We would love to have you be a part of one of the new Life Groups launching this Sunday. The Life Group Launch event is at Thomas Jefferson Middle School cafeteria at 1p (lunch and childcare provided!), and you’ll want to click this link to let us know you’re coming. This is a great chance to get connected to a smaller group of people who will encourage and care for you as you grow in your faith. And you’ll be doing the same for them! I think Life Groups are indispensable to our growth as followers of Christ. And they’re one of the best ways to feel like you’re a part of the church—known, valued, nudged to grow, and helped when you need it.

Sunday worship is where we get started on this journey to do life together. Join us this Sunday when Pastor Lionel is sharing more of his heart from Galatians 6 on being a church that restores.

Discovering Serve Teams
Wednesday 1.18 at 6p

Churches are built by volunteers who open the door for others to experience life change. Learn more about volunteering in a specific ministry at Calvary and explore your individual gifts and interest to find out how they make you uniquely qualified to complete the body of Christ.


Starting Point - Membership Sessions
Sunday 1.29 at 11:15a

Find out what Calvary is all about, how you can be a part of the community, and what God can do in us when we follow Him together! Whether you're considering membership or just want to learn more about what it means to be a Christ-follower, start here!


Sevenglory Missions Trip
Sevenglory is making their second trip to perform and serve in Africa. Calvary is excited to send the band and some of our worship team to do what they do best—share the love of Jesus through song. The band will be performing at universities and at our church plants in Rwanda and Uganda. Pray for the missions team that their music and message spreads the gospel of Jesus.


Winter Bible Studies
Monday Evenings
A Women Who Doesn't Quit

Tuesday Mornings
Precepts Joshua Study

Every Other Thursday Evening - Moms
The Gospel of Ruth or She Reads Truth

2nd Thursday Evenings - Young Marrieds
What Did You Expect?

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Inside Calvary Students
Sunday 1.15 at 4p

Parents, take a look inside Calvary Students and see how the CSM team is serving students and encouraging them to make their faith their own. Join in the fun, worship, and talk of a typical Sunday evening.

Young Adult Gathering
Friday 1.13 at 7p

This monthly gathering gives young adults a chance to connect with one another and to grow spiritually. Pastor Jon Nitta facilitates the evening and gives plenty of opportunities for conversation, laughter, and community-building.