Calvary Link: Our Children

By: Calvary Church Last Updated: May 11, 2017

Calvary-Link-Mothers-Day-2017What we want most for our children (and grandchildren) is their present and future happiness. There are so many important things we can do for our kids for their joy, but I believe with all my heart that the greatest thing we can do for them is to hand down our faith. This means we have to make an impression on them! How do we do that when it sometimes seems we aren't getting through at all? I'm talking about it this on Sunday.

Our annual Mother’s Day at Calvary is a very inclusive experience. We gather and pray for children and young families (we have a lot of them!). We also pray for all of our kids, wherever they are in life and wherever they are on their journey. We pray for those who want to have children. We pray for those who have lost children. And we also remember orphans living without mothers or fathers.

Most of all this weekend is about encouraging each other. That’s why we get together (Hebrews 10:22-25). And it’s about asking God to help us hand down our faith to the next generation, to make an impression that will last forever. Our worship services are planned to bless every person who walks in the doors. And yes, we do want to say thank you to you moms for all that you do.

PURSUIT Night of Worship
When women at Calvary began asking for more opportunities for authentic worship and teaching, in addition to Sunday mornings, the Pursuit worship night was born. This evening is for women to gather and be encouraged no matter your age, style, shape, or status. It's YOU God wants! Invite a friend to join you tomorrow evening at 7p and come to simply take in the fact of Jesus' unrelenting pursuit of you.

Starting Point
Begins Wednesday 5.17

Register for Starting Point to find out what Calvary is all about, how you can be part of the community, and what God can do in us when we follow Him together! Whether you're considering membership or just want to learn more about what it means to be a Christ-follower, start here.

Even More Gathering
Sunday 5.21 at 12:30p

What's Even More all about? If you haven't had a chance to hear about this exciting project in the life of our church or want to know more, join us in the Well on Sunday 5.21 and we'll tell you all about it. We're working together to grow God's church and see even more lives changed.