Calvary Link: We’re All In

By: Calvary Church Last Updated: March 3, 2017

calvary-link-all-inMy wife and I are all in. We live to see lives changed forever in Valparaiso and the world. A few days ago, we saw the smiling faces of children in Mitaboni, Kenya, and we were again reminded what a powerful difference our church is making. How does this happen? Through the generosity of God's people.

Stacy and I have increased our giving in 2017 for the cause of the kingdom. It is something we have done almost every year for the last 20 years we have been at Calvary. Giving a little more each year is the way we grow in our generosity. We have it in our budget along with all the mortgage payments and the school loans!

So join Stacy and me and the hundreds of others at Calvary who are all in! We need you if we are going to change lives forever. As our family grows larger and our vision grows bigger, we need more committed worshippers who will say, "This is a priority and I want to help make it happen." We can't do it without you!