Cancer Care Center’s Infusion Services Celebrates First Anniversary

Infusion-Services-1-YearThe Infusion Therapy area of the Cancer Care Center opened on Oct.1, 2012 and recently celebrated its one year anniversary.

So what actually occurs in this very important wing of the Cancer Care Center?

The infusion area has 10 spacious, semi-private infusion bays and one private bay. While chemotherapy patients comprise the majority of the Porter's infusion patients, the Center is also able to provide a host of intravenous medications and treatments on an outpatient basis. Some of the other conditions treated include rheumatoid arthritis, various immune deficiencies, blood disorders and diseases requiring intravenous antibiotics.

Celebrating their first anniversary (pictured left to right) are: Kim Sobierski, Rachael Collins, Teresa Langley, Joni Keehn, Patti Martin, Helen Anderson, Lori Shields, Craig Locke, Becky Amick, Cheryl Bennett, Vince Nguyen , Allison Tarnow and Kerri Smith.