Cancer Survivorship Series Provides Healing and Learning Environment

St. Mary Medical Center in Valparaiso provided a environment about learning and healing with their first ever Cancer Survivorship Series. This series focused on living with and beyond cancer, newly diagnosed individuals, loved ones, and caretakers. Guests got to visit various booths and learn methods of treatment and care. A special treat for the participants included speaker and author of Eat Well, Live Well, David Grotto. There were a lot of opportunities for learning and healing at the event.

"Cancer is more than just a medial condition, it's a way of living. We want to provide emotional, social and physical support in any way we can. This event is a new way of providing insights for treatment across that entire spectrum," St. Mary Medical Center Marketing Director, Mary Fetsch said.

Resident physicians, The American Cancer Society, Cancer Resource Center, Livestrong, Sewing by Deb, and Portage YMCA were among some of the booths at the event.

Participants were also offered services such as massages, blood pressure testing, laugh yoga, and a cooking class that made recipes from David Grotto's book.

"This event represents a move towards recognizing that we need more of a comprehensive approach to cancer care in Northwest Indiana. An approach where nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are a big part of it. In the last several years, we've realized that nutrition, both during treatment and after, impacts how well you do over time. This event magnifies that Northwest Indiana recognizes that we need that," Medical Oncologist Neeru Bose said.

There is no better way to learn about healthy eating than hearing from an expert. Nutrition expert and author of Eat Well, Live Well, David Grotto shared his expertise on the subject of healthy eating, especially relating to oncology and recovery.

"Today I am talking about the relationship between nutrition and oncology. So not only from diagnosis and treatment, but also remission strategies, surviving, and even thriving. This book is inspired by my patients. What I realized, is that they wanted short concise information, and that's what I did. I researched the top foods that provide calcium, potassium, and the foods that would help relieve pain and hopefully fight cancer," Grotto said.

His recipes are not only nutritious but very tasty, as the participants got to taste a delicious wrap and salad from his book. Grotto's book was also available to be bought and autographed after he spoke.

The Cancer Survivorship Series offered tons of information on healing and dealing with cancer and its residual effects. With the help of St. Mary Medical Center and the various guests involved, participants got a better idea of how to take care of their bodies during and after such a treacherous disease.