Cape Line beverages make for perfect summer sippers

Cape Line beverages make for perfect summer sippers

Spiked seltzers have become increasingly popular over the past several years. A lighter alternative to beer, and a less sweet alternative to flavored malt beverages (FMBs) like Mike’s Hard Lemonade, spiked seltzers let drinkers sip and excuse the worries of typical headaches and calories. While some have found spiked seltzers too bland enjoy with sincerity, Indiana Beverage just began distributing a new line of beverages that cuts through this outlook — Cape Line.

Cape Line is a new line of flavorful premium alcohol beverages crafted with six simple ingredients. At 4.5% alcohol by volume, the gluten-free drinks serve up a naturally refreshing take on hard lemonades and cocktails. Flavors include Hard Strawberry Lemonade, Margarita, and Blackberry Mojito, and no artificial flavoring overshadows the natural, thirst-quenching taste of the cocktails. Plus, on average, Cape Line beverages contain about half the calories and sugar of leading FMBs.

The name itself summarizes the appeal of such a beverage. Cape Line conjures the image of land meeting the sea, symbolizing a meeting place where two things come together naturally. This alcohol pick-me-up similarly marries a delicious, flavorful taste with fewer calories and simple ingredients. And as Indiana Beverage Brand Manager Jung Lee pointed out, Cape Line is the perfect sipper to enjoy on our very own Lake Michigan shore.

We put Cape Line to the test and had a few Lifers taste test each flavor. Here’s what they had to say about their favorites, starting with me. I go for the Blackberry Mojito flavor—it’s refreshing, easy to drink, and entices just the right amount of pucker. I’ll take a glass with light ice, please. Or maybe I’ll just pack a few cans in a cooler and head to the beach the moment the temperature breaks 75 degrees…

Stephanie Swearington, Director of Operations & HR
I loved the Strawberry Lemonade! It was delicious with all the sweetness of strawberries and tartness of lemons. Makes me look forward to sipping some of these pool side this summer!

Stacey Kellogg, Editorial Director
When I first opened and poured the Cape Line blackberry mojito, I expected it to be light and airy, because it’s effervescent and rather light in color. But then I sipped it and was pleasantly surprised by the boozy punch. Stronger than I thought it would be! Great berry flavor and a nice balance of tart and sweet.

The Cape Line margarita is something I could easily down on a hot summer day, when the air conditioning is off and the humid Northwest Indiana breeze is blowing through the garden. It’s sweeter than most margaritas I’ve had but has a nice traditional lemon-lime flavor that would go perfectly with chips and salsa made with fresh garden tomatoes.

Jenny Craig-Brown
I loved all the Cape Line flavors! So crisp and light, exactly what I look for while staring at a beautiful body of water. The name and taste are perfect for a lovely summer sipper. If I had to choose, I’d say my favorite flavor would be the Blackberry Mojito!

Try Cape Line for yourself and stock up for summer. The beverage line is available on retailers’ shelves now. For more information on other offerings distributed by Indiana Beverage, visit their website.