Car Show and Swap Meet Shows Off the Region’s Cars

By: Paige Pope Last Updated: May 18, 2014

On Sunday May 18th, proud car owners from a radius spanning 50 -75 miles came to the Porter County Expo Center to show off their vehicles and admire others. It was an immense gathering of the local automobile culture that brought out everything from timeless classics and roaring new hot rods.

The event was spearheaded by Mario Alvarez, who has been hosting car shows for 29 years. "It's just a fun thing to do," says Alvarez.

At the event, car owners placed a vote for their favorite cars in a variety of catergories. The winners would receive trophies for the categories of the Top 50, Top Engine, Top Paint, and finally, a Top Overall Trophy dedicated to a old friend and car enthusiast who passed away.

Jeff and Debbie Brown had brought their car out to the show, a 1972 Ford 100. "I like seeing all the cars out today," said Jeff Brown.

Todd Taylor also brought in his car. "I had the same model in high school, and I just love the style of the car," Taylor said.

Rick Sherwood, of Wheatfield, brought in his 1963 Impala. "I think being able to show the cars to other people is nice because then the work can be appreciated by others," Sherwood said. “My buddy and I have done all the work on this car ourselves. It has 18 coats of paint on it!"

Also at the event were five food vendors and many car part vendors, for the car enthusiasts to browse. Mark and Cassandra Halliar were there with their own booths. Mark distributed his magazine Region Rides and Cassandra displayed her handmade hardware jewelry. "It's my first show so I am pretty stoked," Cassandra said.

The event received a huge turnout. Alvarez comments, "It is as good as it gets! I will do another show in September and expect a bigger turnout."

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