Caring Continues as St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Valparaiso Initiates a Valet Parking Service for People with Special Needs

By: St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Last Updated: July 23, 2015

St-Andrews-Episcopal-Church-valetRecognizing both the needs of the elderly for whom a walk across the parking lot at church in itself is a daunting venture and people with recent surgeries or other physical impairments, St Andrew’s initiated a valet parking service. For people with a special need (and no, it is not simply for anyone wanting to avoid rain) all 3 services – Saturday, 5:30 PM, Sunday 8 AM and 9:30 AM will have trained volunteers to welcome you at the portico, help you out of your car and into the church then conveniently park your car. At the conclusion of the service, simply give them your car number ticket and they will also bring your car to the portico for you.

Tracey Pest, a teacher of people with special needs and sensitive to their situations, noticed that several parishioners were struggling with canes or walkers as they entered church with a cane or walker, purse, bible and umbrella. Researching the issue and availability of such a program and verifying church insurance policy parameters, the St. Andrew’s vestry authorized the program. With an assistant, Kim Tolliver, the idea became a reality.

Initiated Sunday July 19, several parishioners were pleasantly surprised to find that coming to church had become much easier. “I think some of my Senior Citizen friends might enjoy being in an actual church service if they knew about this,” commented a church member.

In addition to having on-site church services at Pines Village, St. Andrew’s pastor Fr. Roger Bower sees launching valet parking as simply “continuity of caring that has been a part of the St. Andrew’s DNA for many, many years.”