Catherine’s Bridal Serves the Region’s Proms

Catherines Collage-FacebookCatherine’s Bridal may have its headquarters in Valparaiso, but its reach is way beyond the city limits. Did you know that girls (and guys) come from all over Northwest Indiana to get their prom dresses from this boutique?

prom-girl-2015 "People like to be unique. They won't find dresses like ours at big box stores," Cathy Brown, owner of Catherine's Bridal Boutique said.

At Catherine's, there is a wonderful selection of gowns that would make any wearer proud. An extra step that is taken is with the dress registry. When a dress is purchased at Catherine's Bridal for prom, a record is kept of which school's prom it will be worn to that year. If someone else tries to get the same gown for the same school's prom that year from Catherine's, she won't be able to buy it. 

"This lets each girl be unique on her special day," Cathy explained. "There are so many dresses out there that no one should have the same dress as another."

You can rest assured that if you get your gown from Catherine's you won't see it on anyone else at your prom. And with so many beautiful pieces to choose from, it's unlikely that two people will want the same dress anyway.

So if you are going to prom this year, or any fancy party or gala that requires a gorgeous gown, then come to Catherine's Bridal Boutique!