Cavanaugh and Nondorf Orthodontics Holds 2016 Pumpkin Contest

Cavanaugh and Nondorf Orthodontics Holds 2016 Pumpkin Contest

Cavanaugh and Nondorf Orthodontics' annual pumpkin contest is underway! The contest is held between local area dentists who are asked to design & decorate pumpkins. They compete each year against one another and people are welcome to vote on their favorites! Check out all the great creations below.

Cavanaugh-Nondorf-Pumpkins-2016_02 Pikachu done by Schechner & Nickerson's office

Cavanaugh-Nondorf-Pumpkins-2016_03 Sugar skull designed by Accent Dental

Cavanaugh-Nondorf-Pumpkins-2016_04 Ursula decorated by Silhavy Creek Dental

Cavanaugh-Nondorf-Pumpkins-2016_05 Dental face pumpkin by Dr. Vu's office

Cavanaugh-Nondorf-Pumpkins-2016_06 Ursula done by Growing Smiles

Cavanaugh-Nondorf-Pumpkins-2016_07 Haunted house designed by Dr. Majaka's office

Cavanaugh-Nondorf-Pumpkins-2016_08 My Little Pony "Rainbow Dash" decorated by Dr.Hass's office

Cavanaugh-Nondorf-Pumpkins-2016_09 Doughnut pumpkin designed by Dr. Zeitler's office

Cavanaugh-Nondorf-Pumpkins-2016_10 Haunted house by Dr. Gabrish's office

Cavanaugh-Nondorf-Pumpkins-2016_11 Caramel Apple decorated by Smiles by Arnold

Cavanaugh-Nondorf-Pumpkins-2016_12 Baby Sally birthed by Dr.Tyree's office

Cavanaugh-Nondorf-Pumpkins-2016_13 Haunted house by Sarver Family Dental

Cavanaugh-Nondorf-Pumpkins-2016_14Day of the Dead pumpkin designed by Dr. Drone's office

There will be 2 winners, a Facebook winner and an office winner. You can vote for your favorite, and the winning offices get a prize!

Vote for your favorite pumpkin on our Facebook page.