CCSJ Transition to Teaching Program: Giving Northwest Indiana Residents a Chance to Chase Their Dreams

CCSJ-GIVE-1They say it’s never too late to start learning. And at Calumet College of Saint Joseph (CCSJ), they believe it’s never too late to start teaching either.

And CCSJ’s Transition to Teaching (T2T) program is about just that: providing an accelerated way for post-bac students to get real classroom experience and get out and start leading the young minds of Northwest Indiana sooner.

“In our program, a secondary candidate can begin a program in the Fall and complete all coursework by the following March and then do student teaching until mid-June,” said Dr. John Shields, Chair of the Education Department of CCSJ.

Shields say that many of the T2T candidates are already working professionals in other industries who decided that they wanted to make a difference in The Region through teaching, and this programs allows them to do so on a schedule that works for them.

“Many of our T2T candidates come to us with a desire to do something new with their lives,” Shields added, “to make a real contribution in a new way, the way of teaching. Their desires mesh well with our goals and mission.”

And because this desire to want to make a positive impact in Northwest Indiana doesn’t always come around school registration time, the staff at CCSJ offers information sessions for interested people throughout the year.

“We do have regular info sessions scheduled throughout the year,” Shields said. “Orlando Garcia in our Enrollment Management Department can always be contacted regarding the sessions.”

With the increase in teaching openings around the state, there is really no better time to look into starting your career as a teacher. And there’s no better program than the T2T program at CCSJ, with a staff that is truly dedicated to creating great teachers and leaders in Northwest Indiana.

“The College has had a long history of providing for teacher preparation in Northwest Indiana and we see that service of teacher preparation as integral to our mission. We believe that education can be – should be - a process of positive transformation on the personal, social, and certainly spiritual level.”

For those interested in learning more about the T2T program, the next session is on Saturday, September 19th at 9 am. Additionally, Department Licensing Advisor, Mr. Bruce Wisowaty, is always willing to speak with potential candidates to discuss the program and opportunities for enrollment. You can contact the department at (219) 473-4385.