Celebrating good on Mother’s Day 2021

Celebrating good on Mother’s Day 2021

Through the good times and the tough times, our mothers are there to teach us, guide us, support us, and love us in every step of our journeys.

We asked you what you love most about the mothers in your life, and we are proud to share your sentiments as we celebrate Mother’s Day in 2021.

Here is what some mom-loving, great-news-sharing community members had to say:

Mary Beth Hanchar Schultz

“My Mom will be celebrating her 100th heavenly Birthday this Sept. She welcomed her 9th grandchild (my son Erik) at 80 and got on the floor with him when he started to crawl, just like she did with all the other grandkids! She was born and raised in Whiting....was 100% Slovak and practiced her Catholic faith till she took her last breath. She was a people person who was loved back, loved life, loved her family and loved to cook & bake the old world dishes. She was one in a million and hope I can be half the awesome Mom she was!”

Kayla Hofferth

“I love my super cool, tattooed out mom that lives by her own rules. She’s taught me so much about life and living for myself and being independent! I’m so incredibly thankful for her every day.” 

Stephanie Swearington

“My mom, Carol Baisden, is amazing! She is such an inspiration. At 50 she chose to retire early and pursue her dream of being a chef. She went back to school and kept going until she got her masters degree in education. Love her and so proud of her.”

Kayti Grable

“Amanda Hayes is a rocking mom to baby Jack! She is a patient and loving mother who is teaching Jack to LOVE sports.”

Carrie Miller Bedwell

“My mom Toni Miller is the quintessential mother who has given parenting her all. After overcoming a childhood of adversity, she set her mind to be the best mother, and has always put her children before her own needs, even now, at the ages of 50 and 48. After years of waiting, she finally became a “Grammie” just as she was diagnosed with lung cancer. She hasn’t let her illness stop her and continues to the best mom and grandmother, while being a source of life to many facing the same challenges. Scott Miller and I scored big in the mom department! Love you, Mom!”

Cindy Berchem

“My mom is always there for me and my girls, no matter what.”

Deanna Grimes

“My mom is my friend, biggest cheerleader, toughest critic and an amazing Nana. She lifts me up when I’m weakest and makes me laugh harder than anyone. She passed on some good genes and powerful strength.”

Peyton Mahlmann

“All moms are great, but Natalie Mahlmann is the best there ever will be. She has taught me patience, honesty, respect, empathy, independence, love, kindness, and so much more that I owe her my world for. I am a better person because of her, and my life is brighter with her in it. I look up to her for all she is and all the good she does for others, and I hope to one day be half the mother that she is. My grandmothers, Omi and Mimi, are two shining beauties that I am so blessed to learn from and be loved by. My sister Nicki is the newest mother in the family and is the perfect role model to her two daughters as she shows them unconditional love and fills their days with laughter and smiles. I am lucky to be surrounded by these women in my life, and my gratitude for these wonderful moms only grows more every year.”

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