Celebrating Our First Year: Clinical Affiliation

Clinical-AffiliationSince we opened our doors on August 25, 2012, Porter Regional Hospital has continued to advance in our clinical practices and exceed expectations with our achievements on both a regional and national level.

Clinical Affiliation.

Just 10 short months after our move, Porter Regional Hospital entered into a clinical affiliation with one of the nation’s leading academic medical centers, Loyola University Health System. That means Porter patients can still retain the comforts and convenience of their home hospital while benefiting from academic research and evidence-based quality care by Loyola’s clinical specialists. The first two areas you’ll be seeing Loyola’s presence is in our Emergency Department and our Cancer Care Center. In our Emergency Department, Loyola’s neurologists will be enhancing our on-call coverage with a new telemedic robot that will help diagnose and treat stroke patients. In Porter Regional Hospital’s Cancer Care Center, patients will have access to clinical trials conducted by Loyola faculty close to home.