Central Park Plaza Begins Summer Outdoor Movies with Singin’ in the Rain

Whether you are looking for a unique date night or something wholesome to do with your family, the Valparaiso Central Park Plaza is the place to be on Tuesday summer nights. June 30th kicked off the outdoor movie season with a screening of Singin' in the Rain.

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The grass filled fast with lawn chairs, comfy blankets, and excited visitors. One of the first to show was the Valparaiso University band. Director Phil Hahn led a live concert before the movie, showcasing their talent with classic songs like “America the Beautiful.” Hahn described the park as a “Great place to have an old fashioned concert in the park.” The shell stage does wonders for their sound.

Sponsors of Valparaiso Events and the Outdoor Summer Movies program represented their organizations on the adjacent Lafayette St Pavillion.

Rolling Hills Vineyard Church has been a sponsor for four years. They attend the events to distribute candy, popcorn, or water. Spokesman Mac McElhaney says his church is a big fan of what the people of Valparaiso Events have done for the community. “We love what they are doing downtown; we love that they are providing an atmosphere that is safe, where you can bring your kids down to see a movie. And it’s just very nostalgic.”

Centier Bank also made an appearance, and was holding a raffle. “Centier is a family bank, this is a family event, so we definitely wanted to be in the midst of all the family things happening,” said a Valparaiso Branch Manager, Linda Popovich, about the bank’s marketing involvement in the summer movies program.

NITCO played a large role in making this project a reality too. To spread awareness of the many organizations involved in the Valparaiso community projects they ran a testimonial ad at the start of the movie. They featured our own company, ValpoLife, along with groups like Zeseco coworking space and Fair Oaks Farms.

Contributors like these have enabled Valparaiso Events to transform our town into an arts and entertainment mecca. Father Bill Nunley said that tonight’s events really “open up the community. It gives a cool vibe to where any night of the week, especially with the Tuesday night movies, you can bring your kids up and just hang out.” He brought his family to the concert as a group outing with his son’s Boy Scout troupe.

Anyone who missed tonight’s movie will have plenty of chances to catch another. The full list of movie showtimes at http://www.southshorecva.com/includes/calendar-of-events/Summer-Outdoor-Movies/7279/ includes The Lego Movie on July 7th and Beetlejuice the week after.

Check out this video that debuted at the Movies Night that touches on how NITCO's Fiber Service works great for businesses across Northwest Indiana! More info at http://www.nitco.com/