Century 21 agents balance work and family life through travel

Century 21 agents balance work and family life through travel

Photo caption: Century 21 employees on their camping trip to a winery in October of 2020.

Century 21 Alliance Group’s agents can work from anywhere. Anyone can work from home but working and traveling at the same time is far less common.

“My family has a camper, we enjoy traveling, even if we’re just camping for the weekend. Sometimes we'll take off on a Friday morning or something and be gone for the weekend,” said Laurie Anderson, real estate broker at Century 21 Alliance Group.

Anderson, her husband Kevin, their son Trevor, and their dogs Holley and Oakley.

“I have my computer and everything with me,” said Roxanne Chayhitz, associate broker at Century 21. “So really, everything that I do is already computer-based—aside from if I'm showing homes and such. So usually, we’re on the road in the morning, wake up and go through the computer, looking for homes if I had buyers, and then continue on the day and just take my calls when I need to.”

Chayitz on vacation.

While traveling, Anderson and Chayhitz continue to work as if they were in the office.

“I have done plenty of deals from my camper: sitting there on a Friday night, getting to the campsite, getting all set up and busting out my computer, and working on accepting an offer or countering an offer or inspection responses,” Anderson said. “Whatever it is, you're sitting in the middle of the woods in the camper and are still able to completely function with the help of technology.”

The states Anderson has traveled to.

Their only limitations are the ability to work within a property. They cannot show a house at that time or take photos, but they do not travel when they have one of those tasks scheduled. When something that they cannot do arises, they can turn to another agent at Century 21 to help out.

“I had listed a home right before I left—a condo out here in Valpo, and my clients just moved to Fort Myers, so I was able to meet her down there and get all the paperwork done. I got it listed and I got it sold the same day. It was like amazing, we met in a little iHOP out there and got her to sign all the paperwork,” Chayhitz laughed.

Multiple people at Century 21 have campers and work while traveling within them.

“We took one trip together about two years ago,” said Anderson.

They traveled to Brown County to a winery nearby Nashville, Ind. for a long weekend.

“We stayed in Jellystone, and we did an almost self-guided winery and brewery tour. It was so fun,” Anderson said.

Being able to travel and work leads to many benefits. Anderson was able to join her husband on a work trip to Oklahoma. Chayhitz can spend more time with her husband, even working while out on Lake Michigan.

“For the winter, I chose to start going to Florida. My husband retired from the Valpo Police Department after 40 years and we're going to start spending our winters in Florida. We go to Fort Myers, and we're on a little channel right off of the gulf. This year I was so busy over the winter,” Chayhitz said.

Not only is this more enjoyable for their family life, but it also benefits their working life.

“It's great. It's fun to be able to work—and I work hard. You work and pour your life into your work, but to still be able to pour your life into your life is extremely fulfilling,” said Anderson.

Anderson and Chayhitz’s love for real estate grows from how they work. 

“It's the best life. I have to tell you. You know real estate; I love real estate. I love working with clients. I love being my own boss. I love making my own schedule, which is great to be able to travel,” Chayhitz said. “And if you organize and do it right, you can still be very successful. I love meeting new people and given that we know each other for such a short period, it’s great that they trust me with their family. I think that's kind of cool.” 

Century 21 agents have the opportunity to enrich their personal lives while working hard to help clients find a perfect home.For more information about Century 21 Alliance Group visit: https://www.21alliance.com/.