Century 21 Alliance Group: Award-Winning Company That’s Family Owned, Agent Focused & Client Centered

Century 21 Alliance Group: Award-Winning Company That’s Family Owned, Agent Focused & Client Centered

Century 21 Alliance group has been a successful, award-winning real estate company helping Northwest Indiana home buyers and sellers for over a decade now, and part of what’s helped the company grow continuously is the family-owned mentality and atmosphere that dominates the mindset of Alliance Group agents, owners, and leadership.

For founders Nick and Jeanne Sommer, the success of Century 21 Alliance Group is measured in far more ways than just financially. Maintaining ethical standards and working to better-serve their clients, with an eye on growing successful agents, has been their goal since day one.

“You just don’t ever change or compromise your core values,” said Nick. “Every day, when you get up you’re going to do business the same way you did yesterday or better by learning from mistakes. You have to make sure you treat people the way you want to be treated and if you keep it simple like that everything, sort of, takes care of itself. That's the philosophy we maintain, ‘How would I want to be treated?’”

Having an intimate knowledge of communities throughout Northwest Indiana and also of the real estate industry as a whole has helped to make Century 21 Alliance Group one of the most successful realty companies in the region.

“Basically, a lot of real estate companies are corporations now so they have headquarters elsewhere,” said Jeanne. “We’re family-owned, we’re local, and where we operate and serve our clients is our home. We want to see everyone here succeed because that, ultimately, has a direct positive impact on the communities in which we live and work.”

“The decisions are made here and anything that needs to get done begins and ends here locally in one office,” added office manager , Kathy Bowgren. “Here, we’re not having to coordinate with another office or check with anyone else for permission when we're making decisions.”

That family-owned aspect of Century 21 Alliance Group also creates an atmosphere in the office that is inclusive, helpful, and one that is geared towards emphasizing teamwork and cooperation. For the leadership at Alliance Group, having competition within the office is healthy but the ultimate goal is the success of the team.

“We all look out for each other and, within our group of agents, we’re like a family here too,” Bowgren added. “It’s not like you’re going to work at a place where you’re just a number. If, for example, someone here loses a loved one we all feel it and we’re all here to support them.”

Jeanne added, “We’re involved in each other’s lives and, with that in mind, we look to bring on agents that, yes, are competitive, but are also willing to help our team to be successful.”

From training programs to weekly meetings, Alliance Group leadership work hard to train, prepare, and provide their agents with the tools and resources they need to succeed. One of Century 21 Alliance Group’s long-time agents, Kathy Jacobs, joined the team in the early days of the company and she spoke about some of the things that make Alliance Group special.

“You will find in this business, real estate agents tend to move from company to company, sometimes multiple times in their careers,” Jacobs described. “I have never considered leaving Century 21 Alliance Group to work for any other company or broker. Nick and Jeanne and the people of Alliance Group are like family to me.”

“We all care about each other and support each other when needed,” Jacobs added. “Kathy Bowgren, our office manager, is always available when we are in need of advice, and it is greatly appreciated. The office has a new agent training program as well as a weekly training for all agents. This is one of the reasons we have some of the top agents in the area. You won't find a more caring and professional company to work for. Nick and Jeanne really love what they do and it shows!”

Linda Fillippo, an award-winning agent with Alliance Group, has been with the company from the start and echoed Jacobs in speaking about the team, the atmosphere at the company, and what drew her towards what Jeanne and Nick were building early on.

“When I first learned that Jeanne was opening her own Century 21 office, I was excited to have the opportunity to work closely with someone whose success I had admired for some time,” Fillippo said. “Jeanne and Nick have always treated their agents like extended members of their own family. They are highly skilled and professional, yet they are relaxed, approachable and always open to our thoughts and feelings about changes within our office, as well as the industry overall. Their concern for our success and happiness as agents is genuine. We truly feel like one big family!”

“They make sure that we have all of the tools we need, as well as an administrative staff that is helpful and supportive,” Fillippo added. “Although we, as independent contractors, work in a business that often places us in a situation where we compete directly with each other, we are still encouraged to be supportive of one another. Jeanne and Nick encourage us, not only with words, but by example, to listen to our clients and to put their needs first. Their philosophy is to provide the best service possible, not only during the home buying or selling experience, but also long after the real estate transaction has closed.”

With that philosophy in mind, Fillippo said, “Satisfied and happy clients are what make our family-owned business successful. I am happy to be a member of that family!”

To find out more about the award-winning group of agents at Century 21 Alliance Group, visit: www.21alliance.com/