CertaPro Employee Spotlight: Mark Powers

CertaPro Employee Spotlight: Mark Powers

CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana has a lot of moving parts, schedules, and ground to cover. Their painters have a reputation built on expertise, timeliness, and absolute customer satisfaction, but those talented painters do not do it alone. Behind the scenes, people like Mark Powers help keep the CertaPro wheels turning.

Powers, a Chicago native and current Tinley Park resident, is CertaPro’s Director of Residential Services. Their work on and in homes makes up a core part of CertaPro’s business, and one of their catchphrases is, “we paint lives, not houses.” That means their work extends well beyond putting paint on walls. Their painters maintain constant communication with clients, always arrive on time, and give the utmost respect to people’s property. Power’s job is to make sure all of that happens, 100% of the time.

“On a day-to-day, my job is basically working through a checklist,” he said. “It’s about providing a quality, professional paint job every single time. Whether you hire us now or two years from now, we want you to experience that same professionalism from start to finish.”

He calls what he does ‘continuous improvement.’ Even in a job that seems as simple as painting, there is always room for improvement on an individual or systemic level. Powers identifies those spots and sets to work.

“We have a very good system in place, but that doesn’t mean that it’s perfect,” he said. “My goal is to make sure we’re always tweaking things to make a better experience for our customers and for our staff.”

His favorite part of the job is how closely he gets to work with the painters. Every time they bring someone aboard, their talents are closely evaluated. Where many companies in the industry experience quick turnover, Powers takes pride in helping build a platform where people can establish a long and successful career.

“I love working with the painters, one of the biggest things for me is watching somebody grow,” he said. “When we bring someone in, starting them at the helper level and working them up to a jobsite supervisor is just so rewarding. A lot of these guys have painting experience, but just never found the right fit, or haven’t been given the support they need to grow. We provide that support here.”

That support is a natural extension of the great work culture Powers loves at CertaPro.

“It’s very close-knit around here,” Powers said. “One of the reasons why I wanted come and work for John [Jordan, Owner] again was because of the culture he stands for. That’s our thing, you could go to work and be in a huge corporate environment, which is good for some people, but we have a family-like atmosphere here.”

To learn more about career opportunities at CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana, visit northwest-indiana.certapro.com. They are currently looking for painters and a job site supervisor.