Chalk the Walk of Porter County Brings Artists and Organizations Together for a Good Cause

By: Erin Evers Last Updated: June 13, 2015

The sidewalks around the Porter County Courthouse came to life with the artwork from the 3rd Annual Chalk the Walk. Sponsored by the Family & Youth Services Bureau, this event continues to draw a crowd into Valparaiso to either share their art, or admire the great pieces.

The event not only showcases the talent of the artists in Porter County, but also helps raise funds for Family & Youth Services Bureau. The Bureau has over 20 different programs that serve over 4,000 people.

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“We do this event for a couple of different reasons. We wanted to create a family event because it speaks to our mission. We are all about doing things for kids and families and it is also a fundraising event. The funds that we raise go to help the programs that we do,” said Jackie Gray, Director of Development and Communication at Family & Youth Services Bureau.

Over the last three years, the Family & Youth Services Bureau has done a terrific job attracting artists who continue to come back each year. From young kids, businesses, and professional artists, there were a wide variety of people sharing their talents.

Director of Marketing at Chicago Street Theatre, Eric Brant, was drawing Hamlet to showcase this summer’s Shakespeare in the Park.

“This is a great event to raise funds and awareness about Family & Youth Services Bureau and then to also market what your business has to offer,” Brant said.

Not only was there art to look at, but also different forms of art to appreciate. There was face painting and caricature drawings, as well as a story circle for kids to enjoy.

“The whole idea is to come out here and express with your art. Whether you’re a non-profit organization or a business doing one of the squares, it is all about doing something that is a family fun event,” Grey said.

The artwork was top notch as the artists used everything from pastels, spray bottles, erasers, and of course the classic sidewalk chalk.

Bringing families together is what Family & Youth Services Bureau is all about. The 2015 Chalk the Walk definitely did that as families worked together to create some really impressive artwork.

“My favorite part is watching the kids come in and look at the art and of course that is what will encourage them to do those kinds of things in the future. The come downtown and there are all kinds of wonderful activities going on and they can come and have fun,” President and CEO of Family Youth Services Bureau, Lisa Jordan said.