Chamber Members Tee Off at 2014 Duneland Chamber Golf Outing

Members of the Duneland Chamber of Commerce teed off for a day of golf at the Chambers annual golf outing at Sand Creek Country Club in Chesterton. Members of the Chamber along with their guests were invited to a friendly golf competition.

Upon arrival, guests enjoyed a breakfast, sponsored by the Allegius Credit Union, and were invited to get a sports massage by Velvet Skin Spa. In groups of four, 23 teams split up and headed out into the course to play for the best game, longest putt, and longest drive. Winners received a trophy and everyone was entered to win a prize.

“Today is our annual golf outing. It is just a great way for members to get together, have a round of golf and network with each other. It is usually one of the first nice days of the year so its great to be outside and have that camaraderie today. There are some avid golfers here, so it can be a pretty competitive outing,” said President of the Duneland Chamber of Commerce, Maura Durham.

Members were set for four hours of golf with a set format that allowed them to win some of the many contests throughout the day.

“Today's format was a four person scramble. They will be playing our Marsh nine and Lake nine and everyone will play 18 holes. We have several contests that are out on the golf course today. One includes an orange ball contest. Any team that finishes their round and still has the orange ball will reduce their teams score by one stroke,” explained Kyle Lundy, Director of Golf at Sand Creek Country Club.

The event was a great way for members to spend some time together, eat a delicious breakfast, and have a little healthy competition in a round of golf.

“This is a fun event that we put on for our members that they always enjoy. All the members can get together and have a fun day of golf. We love to throw these events to network with each other, have our members become comfortable with one another, and become friends. Its a great way to let businesses network and possibly do business together in the future,” said office coordinator, Kristina Koliboski.

After all the teams finished, they were invited for lunch provided by El Salto Mexican Restaurant and Uncle Joe’s Bar & Grill. Awards were then handed out the individuals and teams to end a fun day filled with good food, even better company, and a successful day of golf.

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