Charbonneau: Northwest Indiana is Rich with Opportunities to Serve Nonprofits

By: Ed Charbonneau Last Updated: July 29, 2016

charbonneau-scoutsNorthwest Indiana is rich in many ways. We have a tremendous resource in Lake Michigan, we have a great cultural landscape filled with music, art, and theatre. We have an active population that takes advantage of the trails and roads to stay active and healthy.

But the one area of impact that I see more than any in the region is the community that comes together to lend their time, energy or resources to support the hundreds of nonprofits serving the region.

I’d like to encourage anyone reading to get active and get involved with an organization or group that is looking to better our region. From volunteering with food pantries to walking dogs at a local shelter, or boosting the quality of life for our area’s youth, there is no shortage of opportunities here in our region to better the community and improve the lives of those around you.

It is life affirming to see so many of our residents out on their free nights and weekends to serve in their own ways. I travel the region that I am proud to represent and see people of all ages pitching in for a better Northwest Indiana. I’m consistently impressed by the time and efforts of these people volunteering their efforts for a great cause.

The next time you see a flyer or a Facebook post with a group whose mission is something you have a passion for, volunteer. Become a board member. Donate. Just get out and join myself and thousands of other residents doing the same all around us in Northwest Indiana. If everyone who can just donated a couple of hours each month, the impact we all could make would be limitless.

I can personally say that working with nonprofits across the region has given me a great deal of respect for the work that volunteers do to better their community. Over the past 40 years, I’ve spent time and seen the impact made with groups like the United Ways in Lake and Porter County, Boy Scouts of America LaSalle Council, TradeWinds Rehabilitation Center, Northwest Indiana Quality of Life Council, Opportunity Enterprises, the Home Field Advantage Foundation, and ABATE of Indiana.

These groups are just a small number of organizations and causes whose missions you can help fulfill. Northwest Indiana is rich with opportunities to serve nonprofits, and I encourage you to get out and volunteer today.