Check Out Our Revamped Website

Revamped-WebsiteCheck Out Our Revamped Website

Find a Doc

Search by name, specialty, location, and even see a photo of each doctor.

Medical Services

A special Treatments and Procedures tab gives you the scoop on a variety of common reasons to visit the hospital, such as "Biopsy" or "CT Scan" so you know what to expect and how to better prepare.

Classes & Programs

Here's where to go for a listing of ongoing classes (nearly all are FREE) and to learn if you're at risk for things like heart disease, osteoporosis, breast cancer, or diabetes.

Health Education

Find handy calculators plus an entire library of health topics, from abdominal aortic aneurysm to yoga.

ER Wait Times

Find the current average ER wait times for both Porter Regional Hospital and Portage Hospital. This means you can now see how long it will take to be seen by a clinical professional (defined as a physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner) before heading to the E.R.

Mobile Site

Our mobile site is now user-friendly. It highlights our ER service times, Find a Doctor capability, and lists the Classes and Medical Services we offer.