Check Out These 5-Star Reviews for Chesterton Physical Therapy!

Check Out These 5-Star Reviews for Chesterton Physical Therapy!

Some businesses dread getting a new review online, uncertain of what that little paragraph will hold. Chesterton Physical Therapy, however, has happy, satisfied customers who are constantly providing positive reviews for them!

With a total of 39 reviews on their Facebook page, 37 of them give Chesterton PT a 5-star rating! You can take a moment to peruse for yourself, but here are some of the highlights from the page!

Niki S. - Dr. Dimple is very thorough, kind, and listens to your concerns. I can say that she has helped me beyond my expectations! Even though I drive quite a distance, I will always return for the best treatment! Everyone at the clinic has your best interests in mind.

Rita P. - I feel each therapist is very knowledgeable and friendly. They truly want to help you feel your best!

Juanita H. - I cannot say enough good things! I feel very fortunate to receive therapy from Dr. Dimple and her staff. They are caring, thorough, and effective. My therapy is highly personalized based on in depth evaluations. Since starting therapy there my health has improved, and I'm optimistic that it will continue and I will return to an active lifestyle.

Todd J. - Chesterton PT is off the charts awesome!! I went there for some PT as well as anodyne infrared treatment and from day one I was treated as a person, not a number! Dr. Dimple wrote up a plan for me that blew away all of my expectations. Sal and Eric worked on me and taught me how to stretch and really work on my problem areas. They were more like two good friends than two therapists. The entire staff was very helpful. I would recommend this place to anyone who may need it!

Abbey L. - Although injuries are unfortunate, I am so thankful that mine led me to CPT. I was greeted by the man himself, Himanshu, every time I walked in to work with this family of a staff. Dimple was wonderful from day one--she is ALWAYS willing to inform, inform, inform, which has been so crucial to my recovery. My shoulder gave the crew quite the challenge in regards to treatment route, but everyone was always putting their best suggestion forward. I was fortunate enough to work with the majority of staff members at CPT during my time there. Never a dull moment when working with Sal, who has helped me see my true potential. Michelle was always checking up on pain levels and assuring I was comfortable. Eric kept a close eye on my performance to make sure I was working to my potential without overdoing anything. Oh and Chandra? He's just the greatest. The care behind this company is phenomenal. Anyone who has been there knows it. Thanks to CPT, I have no doubt that with the continuance of my home exercises, I will regain strength and stability in my shoulder in a healthy manner!

Becca J. - This place is awesome. There have been at least 6 doctors who couldn't tell us why my mom was always dizzy. It took Dr. Singh about 40 minutes to figure it out. I personally had numerous vein procedures to fix the inflammation in my leg. Again after about 40 minutes, Dr. Singh found the problem and with just a few weeks of therapy there is so much improvement.

Jamie J. - The expertise and experience of the staff as well as their extremely friendly demeanor make this clinic an excellent choice. They really make you feel like your well-being is their top priority and they always make their treatments fun and personalized. They also have great general wellness services which show they care about preventing injuries and pain before they even happen.

Audrey L. - After suffering a mild/severe lower body injury, this wonderful staff and facility had me back on my feet in no time. It’s a fun and friendly yet professional environment. Highly recommended.

Dee D. - When I badly hurt my shoulder (I did it on two separate occasions) Dimple was brilliant. A medical doctor could do nothing. A chiropractor said he could do nothing, and then a miracle happened: I found Dimple and Chesterton Physical Therapy. Patience, kindness, and expertise made me all better with no sign of injury or pain after just several sessions. Changed my life! Thank you so much for being there for me. I think of you and your staff members often!

Nicki C. – State-of-the-art facility with an amazing team. You will feel more like family or part of team than a [patient]. It's fantastic and I highly recommend Dimple and her team!

Malinda B. - Today was my third visit and it was my birthday and they had a cake for me!! What a great, caring group of therapists.

Dan H. - Chesterton Physical Therapy helped me very much. Dimple and her staff are very knowledgeable and care about you and the pain you’re in. They made a difference where nothing else did.

As you can see, there are plenty of satisfied patients from Chesterton Physical Therapy. Don’t just trust us, though; head over to their Facebook to see some reviews, or visit their website to check out the services they offer!