Chester Ag Systems Hosts 2017 Valley Days Celebration

Chester Ag Systems Hosts 2017 Valley Days Celebration
By: Contributor Last Updated: March 14, 2017

Just in time for spring, Chester Ag Systems invited friends, customers, and vendors to their 'Valley Days' celebration. The event included the Daybreak Demo, to showcase all of the new technology available to assist the farming community for the year ahead, breakfast, and exclusive ICON demonstrations . Samantha Stinnett said that Chester Ag Systems "expected 75-100 growers and will give them hands on ICON Panel demonstrations. We also have a Nelson distributor, an AgSense rep, and our district manager, all here to represent the team and products we offer."

Bob Broeker, an attendee of the event and a local retired farmer, mentioned he attends the event because he "has been farming and using Chester Ag Systems since 1985" and loves the work they do. These events are helpful to him to learn the new technology and keep up with all of the new products. He mentioned, "in agriculture we only use things for a short period of time, not all year long. To come back in the spring you need to re-educate and learn about the new technology.

New technology is right. Valley has brought all new ways to control irrigation equipment with the new ICON Smart Panel. These panels have an intuitive touchscreen interface and the widest range of connectivity. The ICON Smart Panel can pair with a new center pivot, upgrade your existing irrigation panel, or be a switch from another brand. Either way, you’ll experience a new level of technology operating an intuitive, full-color touchscreen interface.

Luke Wickman, who covers 33 locations from Illinois to Maine and 3 in Canada described some of this new technology; "These smart panels were introduced on Jan 3rd. 2017 and include the ICON 10, ICON 5 with a 5" screen and soft touch buttons, and the ICON 1. The ICON 1 is quite intuitive without a screen in the field, everything in controlled through a phone or tablet. My favorite on is the ICON X which allows us to tap into an existing panel that has old technology and use the new digital touch screen interface on the old machine." This is a great way for a grower to upgrade the old equipment, save time, and, best of all, save money.

These ICON products offer 10-inch, full-color touchscreen display, intuitive interface, AgSense Enabled, BaseStation3 compatible, variable rate irrigation (VRI) equipped, Cable theft monitoring**, Edge-of-Field WiFi available*. Valley is constantly working to keep on top of agricultural technology to allow growers to spend more time with their family, save more money, and help get an even better crop than ever before.

To find more information about ICON Smart Panels, watch this video!