Chester Inc. Celebrates 30 Years of Service from Larry Waskiewicz

Chester Inc. Celebrates 30 Years of Service from Larry Waskiewicz

Working for one company for 30 years is quite an accomplishment. This type of feat not only speaks to the company and its strong culture, but it also speaks highly of the team member himself. This sort of achievement calls for celebration, and Chester Inc. did just that this June.

Larry Waskiewicz is celebrating 30 years of service at Chester Inc. The entire team came together to share their congratulations. Burgers, brats, drinks and other delicious treats were enjoyed by everyone and provided by Gaylor, a Partner of Chester Inc. Gaylor is based in Indianapolis and Matt Pearson came out to man the grill and give the entire team plenty of Gaylor garb.

“We love doing this sort of thing with our partners. It is really fun to come out to celebrate the Chester crew,” Pearson said.

Pete Peuquet, CEO & President of Chester, Inc., and Waskiewicz shared a hug and a hand shake before presenting Waskiewicz with a personalized clock to commemorate his 30 years with the company.

“We are very fortunate to have Larry, and he has been an amazing part of this group,” Peuquet said, proudly. “We appreciate all he has done for the company.”

Waskiewicz has enjoyed his time with this group and even remembers when Orville Redenbacher was still involved. As the Field Operations Manager, Waskiewicz’s duties have included making certain prints are online, the architects are set, the clients are happy, and that everyone is in the know.

When asked about his love for the company, Waskiewicz explained that he loves that his job keeps him on his toes.

“I love that every day is different, and I enjoy coming to work every day,” he said. “Also, I love the free popcorn!”

The entire team of Chester Inc. enjoyed the lunch and time with each other. Chester Inc. is a major part of the community and will continue move forward. Its three primary divisions - Architectural and Construction, Information Technologies, and Agricultural Systems - are always here to help you grow!