Chester Inc hosts “Daybreak Demo” event to keep farmers up to date with technology trends

Chester Inc hosts “Daybreak Demo” event to keep farmers up to date with technology trends

When most people think of farming, they generally don’t think of technology...but over the last decade, the lifestyle of the farmer has changed dramatically. Making multiple trips daily to the field is a thing of the past. The farmer of today must be digitally savvy to withstand competition and fully yield plentiful crops.

Chester Inc. makes it their duty to prepare farmers for sustainability in the fast moving, technological world. In this case, it means constantly exposing farmers to advanced equipment and technology that make it possible to keep up with the market.

Friday, Chester Inc. hosted a morning event properly titled, "Daybreak Demo" for their clients that focused on new professional technology and products offered in the field. They also enjoyed a homestyled complimentary breakfast from Catering by Burkett.

“It’s amazing how technology has advanced all of our systems,” Aaron Shidler, Chester Ag Systems Division Manager said. “This is what the next generation of farmers will be about.”

Nelson Irrigation, Valley, and Ag Sense were the presenters of the morning, touching on the various types of monitoring systems, functional cell phone apps that control field maintenance, and a hands-on look into top of the line watering systems.

“We are showing farmers solutions that save time and money,” Shidler said. “They don’t have to drive to their field when they can see it on their phone.”

Scott Harn, Eastern Regional Manager at Nelson Irrigation and presenter, stressed that a successful field starts with healthy and monitored sprinklers.

“Famers must remember that sprinklers are one of the most important aspects to growing a field with the optimal crop or maximizied yield,” Harn said. “It’s all about how they distribute the water that will dictate the crop’s success.”

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Nelson Irrigation offers irrigation systems like the pinpoint and the end gun, valves for controls, and regulators. You can browse more on their website

“We want to thank Chester for inviting us. I encourage farmers to check their sprinklers on a yearly basis,” Harn said. “If not, every other year, at least, to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing.”

Valley and Ag Sense presented the different types of panels and apps that can control almost every system a farmer utilizes in his field. Click here to check out the different options they have available

Technical Sales Manager at Valley and Ag Sense, Tanner Oliphant, believes that technology in any industry is the path to more profitable margins and advanced resources. “Technology moves so fast, so the more we can educate how to implement it, the faster you bridge the learning gap,” Oliphant said. “It’s a lot easier for them to know that there are people available to show them how to utilize it.”

Valley and Ag Sense are some of the first companies to start offering remote control pivots.

“In 2003 it was a phone call. Now, in real time we can speed or slow down our water systems, change directions, check the soil and weather, in the blink of an eye,” Oliphant said.

Tony Peuquet, one of the owners of Chester Inc., said they host the event twice a year to promote new trends in the world of farming as they are constantly changing. He believes the world is currently seeing a bigger push for technology changes in agriculture.

“As agriculture season picks up everyone is starting to look and prepare. They need to know what's coming up this year and next,” Peuquet said. “We try our very best to capture the trends at the beginning and end of the season.”

Local farmer attendee, Ron Wittmer, said there is a need for events like this for farmers in the Region, otherwise they would not be able to keep up to date with the trends.

“Technology is changing so rapidly. These events are for us to learn the new stuff and see what we can do better,” Wittmer said. “We are working on water conservation, and thinking more economical.”

For a limited time only, Chester Inc will be offering discounted parts: 20% off all Valley and 10% off Ag Sense Product Line. Visit their website here for more information or give them a call at 574-896-5600!