Chesterton High School Art Students Benefit from Fine Art at Brauer Museum of Art

CHS-students-visit-Museum-of-ArtThe Chesterton High School International Baccalaureate Advanced Art and Drawing 2 students began their curricular adventures by viewing original art in a fine arts museum setting to inspire their creative problem solving and learning.

Each year, higher-level CHS Art classes visit the Valparaiso University Brauer Museum of Art. The visit includes viewing original art, learning about the workings of an educational museum from museum personnel and actual drawing from works for further reflection. The trip concludes with a social lunch that generates conversation about the day’s events and the power of art as a way to learn about the world.

CHS Art Teacher Kirsten Renehan believes that the Brauer Museum of Art, only twenty minutes away, is a valuable community treasure and connects our students to world class art. Renehan is a long time volunteer and former museum intern when VUCA opened in 1995. She uses the Brauer Permanent collection and current exhibits to teach. “Each year there are new and refreshing ways to look at art and understand the creative process through what is available in the galleries. It’s a terrific way for students to engage and enjoy a place where they can continue to go free of charge and visit multiple times,” said Renehan.

A total of 47 students went over the course of two days. One day, former CHS art student Julia Merryman (CHS Class of ’12) was the gallery attendant. Merryman is now a junior at VU. Curator Gregg Hertzlieb is also a former CHS graduate as well as CHS English and art teacher.