Chicago Street Theatre Hosts 5th Annual Shakespeare in the Park on July 8th

Chicago Street Theatre Hosts 5th Annual Shakespeare in the Park on July 8th
By: Chicago Street Theatre Last Updated: July 6, 2016

Chicago Street Theater never fails to enlighten Valparaiso with its charm and talent. They are bringing the magic back for the 5th annual Shakespeare in the Park on the weekend of July 8/9 at Central Park Plaza. Chicago Street Theater will be bringing audiences Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Director of Marketing Eric Brant said, “Shakespeare in the Park is different from all of our other shows here at Chicago Street Theater because we give it to the community. We offer it at Central Park Plaza because it’s open for everyone. Whether it is someone’s first experience with Shakespeare or his/her first experience seeing a live show, Chicago Street Theater hopes to be at the forefront of that experience. Our mission is to connect artists with audience.”

The plot of The Tempest revolves around Prospera, Duchess of Milan, who has been usurped and exiled by her own sister to a remote island with only her daughter, Miranda, her spirit servant, Ariel, and the monstrous Caliban. Upon learning to summon the enchanted place’s magic, the banished duchess brings her plans for revenge to fruition by creating a storm to lure her sister’s ship to the island. Filled with spectacle, it is Shakespeare’s late masterpiece of forgiveness, generosity, and enlightenment.

Brant continues, “Shakespeare in the Park allows our actors to demonstrate the talent that exists within the artistic landscape of Valparaiso. Citizens are able to become more acquainted with theatre through events that are integrated within the city.”

Other than being available in Central Park Plaza for the whole Valparaiso community to enjoy, The Tempest is pushing boundaries within the theater scene, as well. The gender casting of the play creates an interesting dynamic, especially for Shakespearean plays. All but three of the parts that have been traditionally played by men are being played by women. After talking to several of the actors, it was evident that this aspect of the play made it particularly exciting.

Be sure to check out Chicago Street Theater’s rendition of The Tempest at Chicago Street Theater on the evening of Friday, July 8.