Chicago Street Theatre One Night Jam: Acoustic Eidolon

One-Night-Jam-Acoustic-EidolonJoe Scott and his wife Hannah Alkire, also known as Acoustic Eidolon, have been favorites of Chicago Street audiences for years. Everyone involved looks forward to their return.

What kind of music do they perform? Well, it's hard to classify. It's part Celtic, part Flamenco, part folk...with a few vocals thrown in for good measure. How about "World music for the soul"? Joe plays a number of instruments, but the one he is best known for is a custom design of his own, called a double-necked Guitjo. One neck is strung like a regular guitar with an extra bass string, and the other neck is strung like a banjo but with two extra treble strings. He plays both necks, and the effect is beautiful, often harp-like.

Hannah's instrument has only 4 strings and one neck, as Joe likes to point out, but she is a trained, world-class cellist. Together, they make incredibly rich, uplifting, beautiful music.

Joe and Hannah started out as musical partners, fell in love, and got married. The music that they make is truly out of shared respect and love, and it simply flows. Powerful, moving, spiritual, relaxing, uplifting.

The Edith Wood theatre, affectionately known as "Edie's Attic," has a very casual, living-room or coffeehouse feel. It's simply a fantastic room to get intimate with the music.

Tickets for the Edie's Attic shows are extremely limited. Don't miss out on this musical gem - order yours today. Tickets are available at the CST box office, by phone at 219-464-1636, or from the website,