Chicago Street Theatre’s Cinderella is a Fresh Twist on a Classic Tale

We all know the story of Cinderella, a girl who goes from rags to riches. Chicago Street Theatre in Valparaiso is performing that classic tale, but with a twist. A special character adds some pizazz and beautiful composition to make this a great show for families to see.

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Beyond the classic glass slipper, this tale includes none other than Amadeus Mozart, who is best friends with the prince. The two take an adventure outside the castle walls in hopes of finding out who is attending the ball. There are disguises, mistaken identities, and some added some flare to the story we all know and love.

“It has been a long tradition every year to offer a family production around the time of the Popcorn Festival. These shows brings a lot of people, especially younger people, who can come and see their first show. It is great to be able to share this with children and have let them experience live theatre. We’ve done Cinderella before, but this particular show is giving the audience something familiar, but also has our stamp of being unexpected,” Director of Marketing at Chicago Street Theatre, Eric Brant said.

This special show incorporates actors of all ages ranging from age 2 to 70. From the little critters, to the King and Queen, they all work together to capture the audience, and share the tale of Cinderella.

“I love every aspect of theatre and that my family can be involved in the process. It feels like home; it is my family. When we get to do family productions, I am all about what children are going to walk away with and experience. If we transform them into a world that they had fun and enjoy it, then we’ve done our jobs,” Co-Director Kelley Weisenbacher said.

The cast and crew have been working hard these past weeks to perfect the mystical atmosphere of the stage, and create a world of mystery and magic.

“My favorite part about directing is being able to sit back and watch the actors create what they are creating on stage. It’s the magic of theatre. I love watching it come to life onstage slowly but surly. This show has just a little bit of everything that everybody wants to see,” Co-Director Jay T. Hanaway said.

You can really see the talent of all the individuals participating in the show as you watch each scene. From a great set of actors, to a story that pulls you in, the story of Cinderella is captivating for all ages.

“I have really enjoyed working with all the different people in it and the stage chemistry and everything that goes along with the show,” Actress playing Cinderella, Elli Bezotte said.

The performances of this show are August 21 through September 6 at 154 W. Chicago Street. Box Office hours are weekdays 12 PM to 4 PM and two hours prior to show times. The play's full schedule and tickets are also available online at or by calling 219-464-1636. If you are there for opening night, you can participate in the opening night ice cream party and enjoy some yummy treats provided by Valpo Velvet.

Can’t wait until the show? On Saturday, August 22nd, Chicago Street Theatre is also hosting "Cinderella's Garden Party" at Trinity Lutheran Church at 4:30 PM in their Fellowship Hall located at 201 Washington St. in Valparaiso. This event follows the theatre's 2:30 PM matinee. You can meet and chat with the incredible cast! Tickets for this event are $10 per person and do not include tickets to the show.