Chiropractic Benefits for Expecting Mothers

Porterfield-DeannaThis week, I went  to Dr. Porterfield's office, and we talked about how he can help almost anyone. He said that his youngest treated patient was three months old and the oldest to date was 96.

As soon as you meet Dr. Porterfield, you can tell that he truly cares about his patients and that his goal is to help you no matter what your particular reasoning for coming into his office may be.

To begin my appointment, Dr. Porterfield explained to me what exactly he does when he sees any patient. He starts with an assessment to make sure he knows all about you before he even begins treatment. The key is to know that you have proper spinal alignment. Dr. Porterfield explained that your spine needs to send signals to your brain. If they aren't aligning correctly, pain or problems can develop.

Then, I asked Dr. Porterfield about the benefits and what he can do for those women, like me, who are expecting. Dr. Porterfield explained that each vertebrae connects the brain to signal all the areas of our body. One of the lower vertebrates, if not signaling correctly, can actually effect women who are trying to become pregnant. Dr. Porterfield has successfully helped women with this.

Once a woman gets further along in her pregnancy, right around that 20 week mark, she can begin to notice the signs of pregnancy physically. This is when the size of the baby really begins to increase. As the baby increases, the strain on your body can change. Dr. Porterfield is able to run you through all the normal tests, except the x-ray, since that is not safe for the baby. Once he is able to determine what area is causing you discomfort, he can go to work on treatment.

My next question was: would the treatment be any different? He said no. Although treatments might be more gentle, you are able to do almost everything any other patient can. He also mentioned that he does not do anything where you would need to be laying face down, since this quickly becomes uncomfortable for women who are expecting. Even the electro therapy and massage table are both safe. Since none of this penetrates past the skin, it doesn't do harm to mom or baby.

Dr. Porterfield said, "The better you feel, the better the baby feels."

The treatment allows your muscles to relax and prepare for the laboring process and then you are most likely to experience a shorter labor time.

If you are an expecting mom and are starting to feel the pregnancy, Dr. Porterfield is the guy to go see. He truly cares for his patients and even gets excited to know you are feeling better.