Choosing Kelsey’s Steakhouse as your next summer dining spot

Choosing Kelsey’s Steakhouse as your next summer dining spot
By: Julia Demma Last Updated: July 30, 2019

Haven’t dined at Kelsey’s Steakhouse in a while? Pack up the family and head over to see what is new and everything you’ve been missing.

Over the past couple of months, Kelsey’s has been undergoing renovations and refreshers in both the cosmetic and menu areas.  Most of the renovations are cosmetic including redesigning the trim and wall detail in the restaurant.

“We’re moving away from the wood motif and moving to a matted-black look. We’re also in the process of updating our bathrooms, bringing in more appliances, and expanding kitchen space to better accommodate our daily prepping routines,” said Justin Oettinger, Kelsey’s Steakhouse General Manager.

Photo by: Alyssa Setlak, Social Media Coordinator at Kelsey's Steakhouse

Most of the renovations, as Oettinger noted, are being made to fulfill the community’s constant growth and need for fine dining.

“Quality is everything. We’re in a town where 10 years ago, you could’ve counted all the local restaurants on one hand. Now, you can go downtown and it seems like there’s a new place to eat every week,” said Oettinger. “There seems to be a new awakening of what you’re able to experience while dining in town.”

The team at Kelsey’s works hard to ensure that customers have the best dining experience including food quality and atmosphere.

“Now, people expect things to be more crafted and want to have a full-blown dining experience. This is mostly why we make sure to stay up to date with renovations. We want to continually make sure our customers feel welcomed and at home when they dine with us,” Oettinger said.

There have been multiple smaller renovations at Kelsey’s in the past, but the work that is being done now will be the biggest update the restaurant has undergone to date. The renovations are expected to finish by Labor Day.

“We’re investing in our future, and it’s fun to be a part of that. We want to make sure our customers see how much we care about the restaurant because it will reflect how they view us as a whole.”

Kelsey’s Steak also works hard to refresh their menu with each passing season.

Currently, Kelsey’s is featuring a delicious sea bass that’s broiled with Cajun seasoning and topped with blackened mango salsa giving the entrée a fresh, summer taste.

As for cocktails, Kelsey’s is offering multiple sangrias, a blackberry margarita, salty dogs made with a crafted grapefruit lime mixer, and aperol spritzes.

“All of our summer cocktails are flavorful, refreshing, and just scream summer,” Oettinger said.

Kelsey’s is also working on updating their wine list as they head into the early fall months.

Another notable summer dining perk is the outside seating offered at Kelsey’s. With luscious center pieces and surrounding greenery at every table. It’s the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a meal with loved ones. The space is also enclosed by netting and windows, keeping out those pesky summer bugs.

“If you’re hungry and need a place to cool off, stop in and see us. There’s something for everybody here – from our prime rib, seafood, to cocktails.”

Kelsey’s Steakhouse also welcomes reservations for parties of six or more. It’s never too early to book in advance, especially as the holiday season continues to creep in. For more information on what you’ll find at your next Kelsey’s visit, click here, or call 219-255-8401 to make a reservation.