Christmas Ideas, Anyone?

By: Karin Woodside Last Updated: October 22, 2009

That special time of year is upon us. Christmas is only 9 weeks away and every retailer is clamoring to make sure you don’t forget! Yet even though we are bombarded with advertisements and sale notices, Christmas shopping can still be a very difficult task. Other than some cool ValpoLife attire, you may be wondering what to get a loved one this holiday season. Well, if you have an extra $25,000 to spare, I have your solution! A cupcake car.

In this strapped, environmentally-sensitive economy, who needs big gas guzzling machines to get from place to place? The cupcake car is the perfect solution! Designed by artist Lisa Pongrace, California, this vehicle is sure to bring a smile to your face. No gas needed, this cupcake runs on electricity, topping out at a speed of 7 mph. You do get to choose your topping, making it a personalized cupcake. The cars are available for order through Neiman Marcus, in case you are wondering where to purchase, although I would get your order in early!

Although the cupcake car is not road worthy, this dessert-on-wheels would be fun to have for parades, birthday parties, or just driving around the neighborhood. Here is a video from The Today Show, in which you can see Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb drive them around the studio. One thing is for sure…I’m putting this on my list to Santa.

If you don’t have $25,000 to spend, might I recommend the Zombie Survival Guide? Perfect for this Halloween season, it has everything you need to know to prepare, fight, and survive a zombie infiltration, from low-level attacks to a full-fledged war, because you never know when zombie-combating information will come in handy. After you’re done reading the guide, if you still crave zombie-related reading, perhaps with a more discriminating taste, I suggest Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I just finished this classic myself and enjoyed it immensely. If the Jane Austen rewrites excite you, there's also Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, which I am very much looking forward to reading.

I do realize cupcake cars and zombies do not appeal to everyone, so my last gift suggestion is this: ornaments. Particularly of the Hallmark Keepsake variety. They have ornaments representing every interest, from movies to sports. I have a yearly tradition to get a new ornament every year. And who doesn’t love an ornament?You can't go wrong with this gift.

Yes, this blog is probably too early in the seasonal sense. But 9 weeks is not that far away. And before you know it, Halloween will be over, then Thanksgiving, then the holiday of every retailer worker's fears, Black Friday. So don't put off your shopping until it's too late!