City of Crown Point Mayor David D. F. Uran briefs community on “Shelter in Place” Executive Order

City of Crown Point Mayor David D. F. Uran briefs community on “Shelter in Place” Executive Order

The City of Crown Point will continue to follow the advice administered through the office of our President, Governor, County Commissioners, and our County Health Officials

With regards to the "Shelter in Place" Executive order by Governor Holcomb at his 11 AM press conference; the City of Crown Point will adhere to, as well as actively participate as instructed by the Governor's Executive Order.

Here is our action plan to coincide with today's action:

  • All essential city employees will continue to be in place handling all necessary operations and providing service to those in need.
  • All non-essential employees will be asked to stay home. If there are ways that our non-essential employees can contribute from their respective homes - we will definitely provide those works assignments to them.
  • Traditional shifts or working hours may be altered by each department so they can provide a safer working condition for all - employee and community.
  • We will continue to have City Hall and respective government offices closed to the public and will encourage all actins to be made through the Drop Box or US Mail - this will continue until the Governor's order has been lifted.
  • The City will continue to provide shareable social media posts for our community as well as blackboard messages from reliable sources as they become available.
  • The approved City platforms are, Blackboard Messaging System and Facebook: City of Crown Point, Crown Point Emergency Management Agency, Crown Point Fire Rescue, Crown Point Police Department, Crown Point Special Events.
    • * Any other site or page is not in any way affiliated with the City and may not have the correct information.
  • We recommend that all our residents, businesses, and community partners adhere to the Governor's order.
  • Detailed information to the Governor's Executive Order can be found at:
  • Indiana's Stay-at-Home Order FAQ can be found at:
  • We are in unpredictable times - we as a city will continue to err on the side of caution and hope the collective actions of all will yield positive results for our community, state, and country.
  • In order for this outcome to be as positive as one can hope for - we need to continue to follow the CDC on best practices with regards to hygiene and social distancing during this declared COVID - 19 pandemic.
  • Our dedicated city staff have been in constant with the appropriate agencies and I have been in personal contact with our local medical professionals; we have the best information to date to make these informed decisions from our team of experts.
  • Let's all remember to not feed the hysteria and panic with unreliable information, but to share the correct information and provide guidance for our community!

David DF Uran

Mayor of Crown Point