City of Crown Point Strives to be a Great Place to Live, Work and Play

City of Crown Point Strives to be a Great Place to Live, Work and Play

When looking for a great place to work and live, it’s not uncommon to search for a vibrant city full of life, events, and community involvement. That need for a safe, close-knit community is universal and leads to some of the greatest experiences when living there.

One city in Northwest Indiana constantly striving to deliver that feeling is Crown Point. Known as the "Hub of Lake County," the city is centrally located, surrounded by other thriving cities, and boasts a vibrancy of its own. From its history and settlement to its future plans, the city is a promising place to build a life in.

City-of-Crown-Point-Strives-to-be-a-Great-Place-to-Live-Work-and-Play_02“Mayor (David) Uran is always running the premise of you want to have a great place to live, work, and play. You want to be in a community that’s safe to live in, has great amenities, and can provide you with activities you can do with your family. It really brings the community and the families together,” said Adam Graper, Director of Media Relations and Technology at the City of Crown Point.

Currently, the city boasts various amenities and perks for those living there. With a low crime rate, exceptional schools, a vibrant downtown, and a state of the art sports complex available, there really is something for everyone. Downtown one can expect to find shops, restaurants, and nightlife available, much of which is located on the square where walking is a convenient means of travel.

To further the family entertainment options, there are several festivals and events hosted each year for the benefit of the community. The city boasts a festive nighttime St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the Lake County Fair, Oktoberfest activities, and of course, Christmastime celebrations.

“During Christmas, we do a tour of lights. We run trolleys through the neighborhoods and we parade that stuff a couple of weeks before Christmas. The Polar Express gets read for the families,” said Graper.

City-of-Crown-Point-Strives-to-be-a-Great-Place-to-Live-Work-and-Play_03For those looking to visit Crown Point, there is plenty to offer for tourism as well. Aside from the historical sites that can be visited, including some well-preserved historic homes, there are various other sights to see. The town was once a popular site for marriages, having Ronald Reagan and Rudolph Valentino say their wedding vows at the courthouse. The area also boasts a multitude of architectural styles and examples, many of which have been well preserved due to their historical significance. The city boasts restaurants and shops for every palate and style, and perhaps one of the largest attractions, their large sportsplex.

“It’s a twelve-month facility with nine baseball diamonds, two full turf fields, and a 125,000 square foot dome, so we bring a lot of people through the city,” said Graper.

The promise of Crown Point doesn’t end with what they currently have to offer, either. As they move forward as the hub of Lake County, they also have plans to build a downtown event center and are hopeful that construction can begin this fall.

“The downtown event center is on a two and a half acre parcel that will host a lot of the festivals in Crown Point. There will be a new resource building that will house special events for the Parks Department and open community rooms for our civic center. All the classes will be able to happen there, especially the arts,” said Graper.

Crown_Point_Independence_Day_Parade-2014With so many events, festivals, resources, and facilities available to the community, it’s no wonder Crown Point is an excellent place to live. With a Mayor and staff who offer support to the community, extra care is provided to make sure the city is friendly and inviting.

“We do what we can to make Crown Point not your run of the mill town. We offer that extra step to make sure that happens,” said Graper

With such an exciting future, and an already great offering of amenities, Crown Point is a great place to live, work, and play!

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