City of Crown Point temporarily amends garbage service

Starting with next Wednesday's garbage service collection (April l); The City of Crown Point will be temporarily modifying its residential trash collection service due to the COVID-19 pandemic for our community.

  1. Recycling and Domestic Refuse (garbage) will be combined into one (1) weekly collection -recycling will be temporarily suspended. All items can be combined together in the same garbage container.
  2. All trash items MUST be in a container -no plastic bags (including paper yard waste) will be picked up at the curb or our residential homes dw·ing this modification period -you can use either toter cart (garbage or recycling toter cart) or a personal type garbage can to accomplish the combined weekly collection service including your yard waste.


3. The one (1) large bulk item per week collection has also been temporarily suspended.

The City of Crown Point puts first the health and safety of the essential employees who are providing valuable and necessary service to our residents during this difficult and unprecedented time.

All of the above temporary modifications in our trash service are in place until the "National Emergency" is lifted by the POTUS to ensure the safety of our community and the employees who serve Crown Point.

Once we are past the COVID-19 pandemic, we will resume our normal weekly collection service. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in the public service announcement.

David D. F. Uran
Mayor- City of Crown Point