City of Hammond Annual Welcomes Families at 2016 Easter Egg Drop

City of Hammond Annual Welcomes Families at 2016 Easter Egg Drop

A chilly morning didn’t stop families from participating in the City of Hammond’s 2016 Easter Egg Hunt. This free annual event, for Hammond residents with children from 2 to 12 years old, offered many great prizes.

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The hunt consisted of four age groups; two to four, five to seven, eight to ten, and eleven to twelve. It’s held at two different locations with different times to allow children from different areas of the city a chance to participate. Hidden among the pastel colored eggs were gold and silver eggs with special prizes.

At the morning egg hunt, the older groups cleaned up the eggs pretty quickly, obviously on a mission. The youngest group seemed to have fun just wandering around and picking up eggs when encouraged. Either way, it was all about having fun.

Rosa Maldonado, Recreation Supervisor with Hammond Parks and Recreation stated, “We have a lot of eggs, and a lot of good prizes. Each age group has three special gifts.”

Sandy, also with Hammond Parks and Recreation added, “Domino’s Pizza also donated one hundred eggs with coupons for free stuff inside."

One of the special prizes was an annual pass to the city's Splash Pad for a family.

There seemed to be quite a few first timers to the event. Carol Rodriguez and Jackie Lopez brought their girls to the egg hunt for the first time.

“This was something to do with them (daughters Azalea and Jennisa), and it’s the first time we’ve done something with the city that inquires families to come out. We saw it on Facebook and thought it would be something cute to do,” said Carol. “It’s a huge deal. To have the kids participate, I think it says a lot for the mayor himself, trying to really reach out."

This is one event you don’t want to be late for, as it happens very fast. Even so, every child had eggs, some kind of prize, and a lot of fun. And that’s what it’s all about, the kids having fun.

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