City of Valparaiso Won’t Use Tax Dollars for Haitian Relief

By: City of Valparaiso Last Updated: January 25, 2010

Our nation and our city are keenly aware of the suffering in Haiti. Last Thursday I held a press conference to highlight Kids Alive, International, a Valparaiso based non-profit which provides child care for children at risk in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and 15 other countries.

I challenged our city residents to donate a total of $100,000 to Kids Alive to care for orphaned Haitian children. I also pledged $10,000 of city funds toward that effort.

Since then, I have heard from many Valpo citizens who are very supportive of this challenge, but feel strongly that local tax dollars should not be used to provide relief in other countries; that that role is better left to the federal government.

Upon further reflection I agree. My decision was made more with the heart than the head. As such, I will not use city tax funds to contribute to this effort, but will raise private funds to cover the $10,000 commitment. I hope to complete that goal by the end of this week.

I want to thank Valpo citizens for their generosity and compassion and encourage them to bring relief to young Haitians in great need by participating in this challenge with Kids Alive.

Mayor Jon Costas