Clients, partners, and families share fireside travel tales at Oak Partners’ Inspire Retirement RV Event

Clients, partners, and families share fireside travel tales at Oak Partners’ Inspire Retirement RV Event
By: Sarah Corn, Sarah DeMars Last Updated: September 25, 2019

Nothing embodies the spirit of an American retirement more than an RV. With the road stretched out in front of you and your 9-5 responsibilities a thing of the past, life after retirement is open to adventures, vacations, and time spent with the ones you love. 

Dan and Gail Dillon are avid RV fans. They have been using their RV since their children were little and now continue to use their camper well into their retirement. 

“We got to see America,” says Dan “we saw miles and miles of sunflowers in Wyoming, and as the day went on we noticed the sunflowers follow the sun. You don’t get to see that in an airport.” 

Thursday evening, Oak Partners Inc. invited the Dillions, along with five other clients, to showcase their own RVs and regale guests with stories of their travels.

"We often try to think outside the box. What's new, what's different, what haven't we done," said Crystal DeHaven, Director of Client Experience at Oak Partners Inc. "We have a ton of clients who are very much into RVs, so we thought 'let's have an RV event.'"

Inspire Retirement RV Event 2019

Inspire Retirement RV Event 2019 46 Photos
Inspire Retirement RV Event 2019Inspire Retirement RV Event 2019Inspire Retirement RV Event 2019Inspire Retirement RV Event 2019

"We like to hang out with our clients. It's a great opportunity to get to know them a little bit better in an informal setting," DeHaven continued.

In keeping with the camping theme, attendees roasted hot dogs and smores over the campfire pit, shared drinks and stories, and sang along with the live acoustic guitar. 

Not all RV owners are of the retirement age. Pat and Cassie McBride use their RV to travel with their two daughters across the Midwest while the kids and dad compete in off-road biking competitions. 

“We put the RV to good use,” laughs Cassie, “Michigan is more of our speed, we take the RV to Traverse City, Grand Haven, St. Joe, Kalamazoo, and Grand Rapids.” 

Clients and their families wandered around the parking lot, peeking into each RV to admire the unique decorating touches and amenity choices.

The stand-out showboat among the motor homes on display on Thursday was the luxurious 2020 Jayco Seneca, brought in on loan from Pete's RV Center in Schererville.

Scott Ourednik, Sales Manager at Pete's RV Center, was on hand to talk about the model. An RV enthusiast himself, he gets a lot of joy out of his work.

“People are excited to buy an RV, it's kind of like a vacation that they are looking forward to," Ourednik said. "It's fun. You're selling happiness."

"I took my family up to Traverse City last month in a motorhome. The kids loved it and it was a great time," he continued.

Marc Ruiz is an important part of the family at Oak Partners Inc., working as a wealth advisor, a partner, and a business leader for the team. Ruiz also swears by his RV for time with his family. 

“The freedom and togetherness with your family,” says Ruiz, “that’s what makes RV-ing different. You can be out longer and it’s nice forced together time.” 

Ruiz’s favorite place to go with his family time & the RV? 

“Northern Michigan,” he said excitedly, “near Traverse City, Sleeping Bear, Mackinaw...But also if I could skip the drive? Yellowstone is amazing, I’ve been 20 times.” 

“But this is a dream,” Ruiz said about the event as a whole, “We have smores’, beer, campfire, and everyone loves talking about their RV’s. We love telling our stories, where we’ve all been, and the great trips we’ve all had.” 

Oak Partners Inc. knows that financial planning for retirement adventures of your dreams can be challenging. That’s why they offer a suite of digital tools, knowledgeable advisors, and customized plan configurations to help make the process smooth and successful. 

For more information about Oak Partners Inc.'s wealth and retirement planning services, visit their website at or give them a call at 219-795-1000.

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