Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve Presents “Spring is in the Air”

By: Barbara Jo Adkins Last Updated: April 11, 2011

On Saturday, April 9th Coffee Creek advertised a Digital Photo Scavenger Hunt as part of their Nature Hoppin' Series. The event was entitled Spring is in the Air. It was grey out, misty and cool for the morning hunt, but it did not stop people from coming out and enjoying the event. Children were having fun running through the park trying to find the things on the list. The photo scavenger hunt included taking photos of various things in the preserve which were:

  • a vine
  • a spring flower
  • a reptile such as a turtle or snake (which were not ready to peak out this morning for anyone)
  • "Coffee Creek"
  • a landscape
  • a water plant
  • debris (which was in the park and a perfect way to help clean because part of the hunt meant disposing of the debris found)
  • a stone marker with Coffee Creek engraved in it
  • a bird house "level spreaders" ( I still didn't know what to look for, but for the landscapers out there, you know what it is)
  • a "green" roof
  • a robin
  • a budding tree
  • a frog (also not showing themselves on such a cool morning)
  • moss or lichen on a tree or rock
  • a photo of yourself or group
  • a sign of spring
  • the amphitheater
  • your reflection in the water.

There were 3 winners of the contest 1st place going to "Sid" a young man with his clever interpretation of a "Frog" won him and his team 1st place because even though there weren't any frogs spotted in the park, he opened up the park map and spotted a photo of a frog and for this clever idea, "Sid", along with his team, was the winner. There were also 2nd & 3rd place prizes. 2nd place going to "Lisa" and her family and 3rd going to "Vivian" a young lady that was happy to win. All 3 winners were presented with a gift certificate to Dairy Queen. Everyone received a beautiful poster of a senic view of the "Great lakes" by the National Park Service.

Staff members helping with the scavenger hunt and doing the judging were:

  • Janet Ryan, President, Coffee Creek Watershed Conservancy
  • Frank Collins
  • Lisa Cavello
  • Chris White of JFNew, an environmental advisor

This event was enjoyed by all ages, myself included, but, if you missed it, don't worry because Coffee Creek is going to host an annual event each month FREE to the public. Next month on May 14th the event is entitled Reduce, Reuse, Recycle-Trash Bubbles! Look for more on their Facebook page "Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve"

Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve is perfect for hiking, jogging, biking, taking a leisurely stroll or walking the dog, for the nature enthusiast and of course "taking pictures". Best of all it is non-profit so it is FREE to the public. The Watershed is located just off highway 49 between Valparaiso and Chesterton, behind the Speedway and across from the Toll-Road entrance. Pavilion address is 178 E. Sidewalk Rd. Chesterton , or just call 219-926-1842.