Community leaders around the Region explain the Muller Acura of Merrillville difference

Community leaders around the Region explain the Muller Acura of Merrillville difference
By: Curtis Hankins Last Updated: August 19, 2019

Muller Acura of Merrillville has a strong reputation of quality service, a knowledgeable and helpful sales team, and of course, a line-up of stunning Acura vehicles. We spoke with a few of their most distinguished customers about what makes Muller not only the certified new Acura dealer in the Region, but one of the premier car dealerships in both Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland.

How long have you owned an Acura vehicle from Muller? Have you ever bought from them before?

“I got my first Acura from Muller about two and a half years ago. We just recently went shopping for my wife for one of the same vehicles I have and instead she took over my car because I could get a better deal on a bigger car than what she wanted.” – Jeff Brown, President of Two Men and a Truck’s Region Franchise

“I hadn’t worked with them until I got my vehicle about a month ago,” – Steve Vernia, director at a global IT company

“I first leased from them in 2017,” – Roger Tatum, former President and CEO of BioVentures, Inc.

What Acura vehicle do you own?

“I own an RDX and an MDX, which are their SUVs. The RDX is a little smaller than the MDX.” – Brown

“I chose an MDX.” – Vernia

“I have a 2017 RDX and a 2019 MDX,” – Tatum

What made you choose Muller Acura for your purchase?

“Matt Keammerer. I’ve worked with Matt before and he’s their general sales manager. I also liked what I’ve heard people say about Acura vehicles, and when I test drove it I found it extremely comfortable and a really great car overall.” – Brown

“I really liked working with them, and I especially liked working with Matt [Keammerer].  I thought he was just a stand-up type of guy. It was definitely the Acura brand that first made me head over though.” – Vernia

“I liked the fair pricing and service. They really take good care of you.” – Tatum

What sealed your decision on the vehicle you chose?

“The RDX and MDX that I have are luxury SUVs without the pretentiousness behind it. The ride is spectacular and it just feels great to be in them.” – Brown

“For me it was the way that they treated me as a customer. I felt important to them. For the vehicle itself, it’s just what we were looking for. I bought it for my wife, it was the color she wanted, it had all the equipment, so it just seemed like a good fit for her.” – Vernia

“They bottom-line paid off the lease I had on the 2017 RDX at no cost to me, bumped me up a grade to the MDX, kept the payment the same, and it was only $1,000 out of my pocket. I thought that was a pretty fair deal." – Tatum

What was your experience like at the dealership, what were the people like?

“If you go into their dealership, it just feels better and nicer than other ones I’ve worked with. We looked at other dealerships for my wife, and the experiences there left a lot to be desired. We went into Muller Acura and it was a whole different presentation.” – Brown

“They didn’t play the typical sales games. They were very transparent in terms of both pricing and the process. They made the purchasing process very easy, it was seamless. I’ve had negative or less than stellar experiences at other dealerships, but here I didn’t feel any pressure or rush, or like I was just a checkbook. It really felt like they had my interests at heart.” – Vernia

“Larry Shotwell and Matt, the general managers, were really fair guys and straight ahead people. There was no messing around. I was in sales myself for over 35 years, so I know they treated me like I’d want to be treated, like I’d treated my customers.” – Tatum

Do you use Muller for service?

“Not on this lease.” – Brown

“We’ve only had it for a short time so we haven’t yet, but we’ll have all of our services performed there in the future.” – Vernia

“Yes, I’ve had very good experiences with their service department.” – Tatum

What advice would you have for someone who is considering buying a Muller Acura vehicle?

“Do your homework and get an idea of what you’re looking at for a car. Just walking into Muller’s dealership has a great feeling to it. The salespeople are all extremely easy to deal with and they’re not pushy. That’s one of the biggest thing for me, I don’t want to be pushed into a sale. I can’t say enough positive about Muller!” – Brown

“Spend time with the team. Be open to suggestions. Make sure that you do your homework and know what you want and understand all the different options and packages.” – Vernia

“Go there first, before you go anywhere else. If you try going to another dealer or two, I think that after experiencing Muller first you’d be hard-pressed to beat Muller’s service and overall value.” – Tatum

What do you love most about your vehicle?

“The drive is fantastic. It shifts nicely and it’s got a good comfortable ride. The MDX I bought is very roomy and just has a rich feel to it. I would definitely buy from them again.” – Brown

“The ride. It’s a very comfortable vehicle, and that’s the key thing.” – Vernia

While it’s just me and my wife now, we’re both retired, the back seat is nice to have because when we go out with other couples or I need to pick up something from the hardware store, we have the room.” – Tatum

To learn more about Muller Acura, their vehicles, and their all-star team, visit, or visit their dealership at 3301 W. Lincoln Highway Merrillville, IN 46410.