CompressAir Receives Prestigious Award Three Years in a Row

CompressAir Receives Prestigious Award Three Years in a Row
By: Jacqueline Ridge Last Updated: January 17, 2019

When thinking of utilities, three things come to mind: water, electricity, and gas. Compressed air, while often overlooked, is commonly regarded as a business’s fourth utility, and the Region has an award-winning supplier in their midst who continues to be recognized nationally.

CompressAir recently received the Most Compressed Air Projects Savings Award for the third year in a row. The award showcases the exceptional efforts of CompressAir to provide efficient, cost-effective solutions to its customers. It is presented to a Top Trade Ally in Compressed Air by the Lockheed Martin Trade Ally Network for the NIPSCO Business Energy Efficiency Programs.

“It is an honor to win three years in a row,” said Andrew Crowl, President/Owner of CompressAir. “It shows CompressAir works hard to make sure local businesses work efficiently and utilizes opportunities offered by the local power companies.”

The award is presented each year to one of NIPSCO’s Trade Allies. Trade Allies are contractors, firms, or suppliers that install high-efficiency equipment or systems and have been pre-approved by Lockheed Martin, a global company focused on customer satisfaction. The partnership created by NIPSCO and Lockheed Martin promotes energy-saving initiatives throughout the Region.

With more than 150 years of experience, CompressAir’s staff are highly trained professionals who provide practical solutions. Their sales engineers, inside application engineers, and factory-trained service technicians, strive to stay number one in the industry.

“It leads back to the highly trained professional sales person looking for opportunities to help the customer,” Crowl said. “CompressAir would like to win the award for four straight years. It puts the pressure on the sales staff to find opportunities to help our customers and stay on top.”

To do so, CompressAir must continually evaluate the needs of its customers on an individualized basis. By carefully examining the compressed air system of a business, CompressAir can reveal opportunities for reducing the facility’s energy draw, resulting in energy savings, cost reduction, and a smaller carbon footprint. Looking to the future, CompressAir is working hard to ensure they take home the award four years in a row. In 2019, CompressAir will be doing a complete review of its customer base and reaching out to new customers to educate them on their compressed air systems. Knowledge of compressed air is a major opportunity for energy improvement and is key in creating a brighter future for the utilities of Northwest Indiana.

Additionally, CompressAir will provide businesses with the opportunity to update their compressed air system and reduce their yearly operating costs. CompressAir will further encourage energy savings by offering insight on how the energy rebate program works.

“The bonus is the power company will provide a rebate to reduce the overall capital a company will need to send to get a project completed,” Crowl said.

Receiving the Most Compressed Air Project Savings Award requires diligence, innovation, and outstanding work ethic. Entering 2019, all eyes will be on CompressAir to see if they can continue their outstanding work in the compressed air field to bring home the award for a fourth time.

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