Continuing the Journey

By: Contributor Last Updated: January 30, 2010

Written by Father Michael

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, PLEASE NOTIFY??? For most of us we go through life and have a very easy answer for this question and really do not give much thought to the answer. Then for some reason that person is not there, now we have to stop and think, “who is there?” “Who cares for me?”

We start out in life very easy putting down mom and dad as the person to contact. But for many children there is only one parent, or maybe no parent. How does that affect them? A question that seems so innocuous, but it can be so stinging.

The first time I had to face this was when I was in college. It did not bother me because there was no emotional separation - just thousands of miles. My parents were in Indonesia and what separated us was distance. My older sister was the contact person.

A few years later it was I who was separated by distance. I was in Hawaii. But communications were better and my parents were again the contact persons. Then I was married and there was no problem for the next 27 years. Then, you are divorced, who do you put down, “In case of emergency, contact:???”. Or your spouse dies. Each time you need to put down this information, you risk the chance of re-opening old wounds or scars. If you have no children, or children that are too young to place this burden on, or the children are miles away, if your parents are deceased or very old, if you have no brothers or sisters, whose name do you put on that line? An easy question to answer for some, a very difficult and sometime heartless question for others of us to answer.

So the next time you need to fill out this information, think of those who may have a difficult time supplying this information. You may want to remember them and send them a card or call them or take them for lunch.

Fortunately, “in case of an emergency” we can always contact: GOD. In fact God never leaves us alone. You have seen the picture and the read the words to “Footsteps in the Sand”. Two sets of footprints seen in the sand, and then one disappears, only one is seen. What happened to the other? That is when God carries us. God is always with us and when we need Him the most He does carry us. We need to be aware of God.

However, God also asks us to imitate Him and be there for others. For our New Year let us not forget to celebrate those who are there “in case of emergency” and remember those who only have God.