Contributing to Is Easy. Says Who? Well, These Folks For Starters

By: Last Updated: August 18, 2010

This just in: It's easy to contribute to!

Each week, we get more and more contributors to the site, some who let us know anything and everything going on in their business or organization, and some who just drop by to let us know of some good news or something going on around town.

Our online community of contributors consists of well over 600 people, organizations, and businesses serving Valparaiso and Northwest Indiana. What's stopping you from sharing some good news, a sports score, a wedding announcement, or a fundraiser going on for your favorite organization, school, or religious establishment?

We want your event notices - be they networking events, fundraisers, or anything else.

We want your scores, results, schedules, and highlights from your leagues or your kids' leagues.

We want your photos, videos, and any other multimedia that shows something good, funny, creative, cool going on in Northwest Indiana.

Most of all, its easy, fast, and your information is posted to the site within just a few hours at most, just by contributing here or sending an email to How easy? Don't ask us, ask some of our contributors below!

“It has been great to work with the team at ValpoLife and PortageLife. Thank you for all of your work to better Northwest Indiana communities and for providing such an effective, efficient way to share valuable news for the Valparaiso and Portage communities!”
-Katie Mounts, Communications Director, Office of Congressman Pete Visclosky

"We were looking for ways to advertise an upcoming sign up for our youth bowling league and I was reading my ValpoLife and saw that you could send in articles for various reason including advertising for sporting events.  All I had to do was click on a link and send in a message.  I received a response almost immediately and it was done.  It was that easy and they even sent me the link so I could see my post right away."
- Jody Severson

"As the Community Services Liaison for the Alzheimer's Association, I really appreciate the publicity provided to us by ValpoLife and PortageLife.  Submitting information is quick and easy.  I just e-mail information about a program, service or event, and Valpo Life puts the information on the Calendar with a link to a short article.  In fact, we have had a number of people mention that they learned about our support groups at ValpoLife/PortageLife.  As a non-profit, ValpoLife/PortageLife has been very easy to work with and a wonderful way to publicize our programs and services.

Personally, the ValpoLife/PortageLife e-mail updates are extremely helpful for me.  In just a few minutes, I can learn about businesses, organizations, sports and entertainment in the Valparaiso/Portage area and beyond.  I can forward information that is helpful to others or invite people to go to an event with me."
- Louise Thompson, Community Services Liaison Alzheimer's Association of Greater Indiana

"Contributing your comments/events to ValpoLife is as easy as sending an e-mail.  If you want to see if a picture can be included with what you've got to say, simple...just attach the file along with your e-mail and ask!  ValpoLife is very responsive to your input, and the people on the other side of the screen are always nice.  What's not to like?!  Give it a try!"
-Stephanie Hart, Valparaiso Firefighters L1124

"I can't say enough good things about VALPOLIFE!  You'd be crazy not to take advantage of what they offer.  Its so easy to get your information online.  If you are a business in town and you're not using ValpoLife you're missing the boat."
- Ben Lamb, GracePoint

"Contributing to ValpoLife is as easy as writing and sending an email. Anytime I have something new to say about the business, I only have to send an email to see it 'magically' appear on the ValpoLife site. I have never had to wait longer than a day to see the new post, and usually it is done within a few hours."
- Jesse Harper

"Your website reflects our caring community in a positive way, not only with stories about current events and happenings, but videos capturing the spirit of our residents! It's a great forum for those thinking about moving to help them experience Valpo before even stepping foot into our town :)"
- Jeff & Grace Safrin Broker/Owners of F.C.Tucker 1st Team Real Estate

"Karin at ValpoLife was a pleasure to work with. Within an hour of submitting our information for a community event, I received confirmation of it's posting on the ValpoLife site with a link included. She diligently caught an error and made the correction prior to it's posting. I will definitely be using ValpoLife again for our future community events."
- Jill Pollock, Director of Communications at Missio Dei Church

"I appreciate the casual grace by which Valpo Life handles our content. I let them know a good story, tell them what I want linked, how much of the content I want posted and they do the rest. And then they email you to let you know it's up and give you the link so you can send it to friends and family.
And, they'll buy you lunch, and dinner, and throw you a barbeque...just kidding - sorta. But that's the level of service for which they strive. Hometown charm with big city results! "
- Nat Finn, Golden Technologies

Whenever I need to get the information out about one of our Deaf events, I just have to click the 'Contribute' tab, enter the event information, and done. I know ValpoLife will take care of the rest.
- Stacey Gibson, Purdue North Central ASL Club President

" staff are so easy to work with and seem excited to help me get my information out to our community.  It truly is as simple as me sending a quick email to my contact at and within no time at all, I have a link to view my press release and/or photos on their site.  I often visit the website to get a feel for what is going on in our community.  It is obvious from viewing their site that we live in a great community.  We are blessed to have sharing our good news!"
- Melissa Westphal Benefiel, Resource Development & Marketing Director Porter County Aging & Community Services, Inc.

"I write my weekly post to the VPR blog then simply e-mail the URL to you for copying into ValpoLife. I can't imagine the process being any easier."
-Ed Byrne, Valparaiso University, Department of English

"As I have criss-crossed the state speaking to many teens as well as adult groups, my heart has been touched by the kindness and concern of so many people that are trying to make their communities a safer place.  To those at Valpo Life that covered my program and  created the touching DVD, please accept my heartfelt thanks for your efforts and concerns.  I appreciate it more than words can express."
- Steve Mason

"If you want instant gratification in getting the word out for your organization or event, then by all means, submit your press releases, photographs and/or videos to  They make it so easy and it is posted almost as soon as they receive it--and they post it to too--double the value!"
A+ and appreciation from
- Kirsten Renehan, Duneland high school art teacher and publicist for South Shore Orchestra.

"It is both a pleasure working with as a resident of Northwest Indiana and as an Administrator. The response to my request for an article submission was greeted in a timely fashion and arrived with clear instructions on how to proceed. My article was published within 24-hours of receipt and arranged professionally for online promotion."
- Maria Braun-Perez

"Thank you for posting the previous news from Valpo Swim Club.  We have some exciting news to follow that up.  I am including the article written for the swim club website and will attach a couple pictures.  Thank you for your time and effort in your decision to post the story.  Thanks again for all you do with Valpo Life.   It is so refreshing to be able to read "only" good things in our community.  That is so rare with the press these days!   Should you have questions, please do not hesistate to call/email me."
-Pam Antonetti, Valpo Swim Club

"Submitting updates for our Confucius Institute profile is a no-brainer.  I just send an email to ValpoLife and usually within' less than an hour, the information is posted.  ValpoLife takes the worry and stress away from me trying to be a webmistress.  We let the professionals take care of our specific advertising needs.  Thanks ValpoLife."

- Marsha Gerhardt

"I have found ValpoLife to be a great way to promote our Career and Tech Center activities.  We can quickly and easily recognize our outstanding students, teachers, and programs."

- Jon Groth, Principal/Director Porter County Career and Technical Center