Cool off at Culver’s with new summer drinks and custards

Cool off at Culver’s with new summer drinks and custards

Looking for a way to beat this summer heat? Your local Culver’s has you covered. With its new assortment of drinks and custards, you will be sure to find something that you love. Customer favorite custard flavors, including double strawberry, Georgia peach, and red raspberry are making a comeback this summer. There are also two exciting new additions being added, espresso toffee bar and peach crisp. The espresso toffee bar flavor was recently released on July 10 and the peach crisp is set to be available on August 10. These brand new flavors are going to be a permanent addition to the menu once they are released. 

The espresso toffee bar option features rich, creamy espresso flavored custard with a sweet dulce de leche syrup mixed in with crunchy bits of heath bar pieces and gooey cake batter pieces. This has been a customer favorite so far since its release a few weeks ago. 

“I would say people are most excited about the espresso toffee bar flavor," said Culver's General Manager Mary Foster. "Everybody was coming in and asking if we had it or when they could get it again. It really seems like that one has been the customer’s favorite.”

The other new flavor being featured is the peach crisp, which is sure to be a favorite amongst fruit lovers. This flavor is Culver’s specially blended peach fresh custard swirled with sweet peaches, dulce de leche sauce and crunchy granola crumble. Adding these two new flavors of the day has increased the selection of flavors to 40 delicious recipes. 

If you are looking for a cool, refreshing drink, Culver’s is offering new options for these as well. For the first time in franchise history, root beer floats are available with Culver’s signature custard. This classic combination has been a summer staple for decades and now you can enjoy it with a Culver’s twist. There is also a root beer shake available as well, which is similar to a root beer float, but it is blended. 

Other new drinks include lemon ice coolers and smoothies which feature plenty of options. The lemon ice coolers are made up of lemon ice and your choice of fruit. The smoothies are lemon ice, your choice of fruit, and custard is added to the drink. The choices of fruit available are strawberry, blueberry blackberries, mango, raspberry, peach, and cherry. 

With all of these new, exciting refreshments to try, you’ll be sure to find something you love to beat this blistering heat. So be sure to stop by your local Culver’s to pick up a delicious new drink, custard, or even try the flavor of the day.

For more information on options for flavors and food options check out Culver’s menu here.